Philadelphia Eagles' Nate Gerry celebrate after the NFL Super bowl 52 football game against the new England Patriots Sunday, Feb. 4, 2018, in Minneapolis. The Eagles winner 41-33.

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The underdog Philadelphia Eagles defeated the new England Patriots 41-33 in Minneapolis, Minnesota to success the 52nd edition of the U.S. National Football League"s yearly Super bowl championship.

The win gave the Eagles, representing the national Football Conference, their first-ever Super key trophy after two previous appearances.


The Philadelphia Eagles are presented with the Vince Lombardi Trophy in honor of to win Super key LII in Minneapolis, Minnesota (Brian Allen/VOA)

Eagles quarterback Nick Foles, who was a back-up this season until star quarterback Carson Wentz endured a season-ending knee injury in main 14, was called the game"s Most beneficial Player, throwing for 3 touchdowns and 341 meters, consisting of a touchdown pass to recipient Zach Ertz so late in the fourth quarter that gave the Eagles the lead for good. Foles even captured a touchdown pass on a trick play in the 2nd quarter, making that the very first player in supervisor Bowl background to both litter for and catch a touchdown in the same game.


Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Nick Foles (9) stop his daughter, Lily James, after winning the NFL Super key 52 football game against the brand-new England Patriots, Sunday, Feb. 4, 2018, in Minneapolis. The Eagles won 41-33.

The Eagles lost the 1981 Super bowl to the Oakland Raiders and the 2005 video game to brand-new England. The franchise"s last NFL championship came in 1960 -- seven years prior to the an initial Super key game.

The Patriots, guided by future Hall-of-Fame head coach bill Belichick and also future Hall-of-Fame quarterback Tom Brady, were seeking their second consecutive Vince Lombardi trophy and also their sixth all at once in Brady"s 16 periods with brand-new England.


Zach Ertz of the Philadelphia Eagles struggles to maintain possession the the football after ~ scoring the game-winning touchdown in Super bowl LII (Brian Allen/VOA)

The 40-year-old Brady, a three-time Super bowl MVP, shredded Philadelphia"s defensive an additional for a playoff record 462 meters and also three touchdowns, and also was poised to lead brand-new England on an additional game-winning journey after the Eagles"s last touchdown. Yet Eagles defensive end Brandon Graham stripped Brady of the ball and also teammate Derek Barnett recovered it.

The game saw a record 1,052 meters of offense by both teams.


Two fans shout ago and forth before kickoff that Super key LII, the NFL championship game between the brand-new England Patriots and also the Philadelphia Eagles, in Minneapolis, Minnesota (Brian Allen/VOA)

After Philadelphia rookie place-kicker Jake Elliot fight a 46-yard ar goal to put the Eagles front 41-33 with just over a minute left in regulation, Brady stepped on the ar for one last drive to perhaps send the video game into overtime. However a final deep pass to the finish zone dropped incomplete together time ran out.

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New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady drops ago to happen in the second half of Super bowl LII (Brian Allen/VOA)

​Brady states he plans come return following year to try for a saturday title. Foles will most likely return come a backup role under Wentz, one of the game"s climbing stars.