The british singer-songwriter turned popular music star says he moved to Nashville in February, settling just external of city in a landscape area.

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Sheeran stated he want to live somewhere the incorporates a many music, has actually a lot of countryside and a relaxed atmosphere — and also isn"t filled through rude people.

"And Nashville is full of very, an extremely nice people," the 22-year-old said.

Always house to many of country music"s height stars, figures from the pop and rock people have also fallen for the city"s charms. Jack White and also The Black keys moved to Nashville in the last few years. Sheryl crow calls it house now. And also Sheeran can hang out with good friend Taylor Swift.

Like those artists, Sheeran feel comfortable walking the streets.

Unlike Los Angeles and brand-new York, Nashville doesn"t have actually paparazzi on the lookout because that celebs, and also most persons in town have the right to have lunch in a publicly restaurant and be left alone.

"I don"t think human being really care in Nashville," Sheeran said. "Even if castle knew that you were, ns don"t think they"d care. They"d simply be like, "Eh.""

Sheeran said his brand-new home reminds that of Framlingham, a countryside area in England wherein he thrived up before moving to London. And "The A Team" singer claimed settling in the U.S. Made sense, offered his growing popularity here.

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He freshly performed at the Grammy Awards v Elton John, exit a video with Swift for her song "Everything has Changed" and also was in ~ the CMT Music Awards last week to introduce Lady Antebellum.

"I love America," Sheeran said on the CMT red carpet. "I"ve been below for a lengthy time, though. So I"d like to get ago to England at part point. I"ve been in America because early January 2012 mostly. I"d say 90 percent in America since January 2012. Lengthy time."

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