Ed Sheeran – a many GRAMMY award winner and 11-time GRAMMY nominee – has quickly developed himself as one of the world’s biggest musical artists with over 22 million albums sold and 4.7 billion Spotify streams. “÷” complies with the brothers singer-songwriter’s 2nd full size album “x”(pronounced multiply) – released in 2014 – which showed to be both a an important and commercial phenomenon. After debuting in ~ #1 top top the Billboard 200 top top its release, the album has due to the fact that been certified 4x-Platinum in the US and also earned two GRAMMY nominations, consisting of the prestigious “Album that The Year.” Additionally, “x” spawned four consecutive multi-platinum singles in “Sing,” “Don’t,” “Photograph,” and his an international smash and also biggest solitary to day “Thinking out Loud,” which marked his an initial #1 at optimal 40 radio and also won a pair the GRAMMY awards, including highly coveted “Song that The Year.”

Furthermore, “x” to be a an international sensation getting to #1 on album charts in 14 nations including his indigenous United Kingdom, and topping 95 iTunes charts throughout the globe. Among the planet’s most famous live performers, Ed has actually played sold out headline mirrors at some of the best venues roughly the world, including Gillette stadium in Foxborough, MA, Suncorp stadion in Sydney, and also at London’s Wembley stadium in front of 240,000 fans end 3 nights. Ed an initial broke v to the tendency in 2012 v his debut album “+” (pronounced plus), which was a peak 5 debut in the US and spent 3 weeks at #1 in the UK. The 2x-Platinum “+” functions “The A Team”, an worldwide smash i m sorry earned Ed his an initial GRAMMY nomination (“Song of The Year”) and also has been certified 3x-Platinum in the US.

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The tour celebrates Sheeran’s landmark 3rd studio album, “÷.” The album – pronounce “divide” – contains the global hit singles, “Shape the You” and also “Castle on The Hill,” both of which made remarkable chart entries after their simultaneous January release. “Shape that You” debuted in ~ #1 on Billboard’s “Hot 100” – Sheeran’s very first time atop the in its entirety chart – and also has stayed there for 6 weeks total thus far. Meanwhile, “Castle ~ above The Hill” gotten in the “Hot 100” in ~ #6, creating Sheeran together the an initial artist to ever have two singles make simultaneous height 10 debuts in the chart’s 58-year history.

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“Shape that You” was conveniently certified 2x-platinum by the RIAA, when “Castle top top the Hill” earned gold — the very first two songs released in 2017 to accomplish RIAA certifications this year.

“Shape of You” is at this time #1 in ~ both CHR/Top 40 and Hot AC radio outlets nationwide while also continuing to dominion the peak spot on iTunes’ “Top Songs” chart and Spotify’s “Top 50” (both global and U.S.). The song’s main companion video clip – directed by MTV video Music award winner Jason Koenig– is additional achieving record-shattering number of that is own, through individual see in overfill of 300 million at Sheeran’s main YouTube alone.