After putting off the NFL integrate and allowing time because that his injured hamstring come heal, Eddie Lacy ran his much-anticipated 40-yard dashes Thursday ~ above the university of Alabama campus.

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One scout time Lacy as having actually run a 4.59 and also 4.62 in the 40. His optimal time would have placed that 15th among running backs who completed in March"s NFL combine.

Lacy said he"s close come 100 percent healthy after acquiring hurt throughout training.

"During my 40, ns was a tiny nervous around actually opening up however I ran a pretty an excellent time, therefore I"m satisfied with that," the said.

Lacy also showed solid hands by capturing all the balls thrown come him in a passing drill. There is some concern about his no being in an excellent shape throughout the spaceship run, however it"s to it is in expected because he"s coming turn off a hamstring injury.






Texans Beat: team expects dolphin to still it is in interested in QB Deshaun Watson5 hours back · Houston Chronicle

The Texans expect the dolphins to still be interested in trading because that Deshaun Watson this offseason, and also there could be an ext quarterback-needy teams in the mix, consisting of the Broncos, Panthers, Eagles, Saints, Steelers and also Washington soccer Team.

There might be more of a bidding war when the season is over and leading up to the draft. Watson would need to waive his no-trade clause, however. Groups will likely still desire Watson"s 22 lawsuits come at the very least have much more clarity before making a move.

Broncos TE noah Fant add to Bills exercise squad QB Jake Fromm and also WR Tanner Gentry to be all put on the COVID-19 list as result of a hopeful test.

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As Yates walk on to say, in order for Fant to be eligible come play ~ above Sunday, he’d require two an unfavorable tests 24 hours apart before their game versus Dallas.

Currently, Jeremy McNichols is the just other running back on Tennessee’s 53-man roster. But the society did simply sign Adrian Peterson and D’Onta Foreman come its exercise squad.

But comes in in ~ midseason off the street at 36, there’s no guarantee hell be prepared right away.

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Peterson showed up in all 16 games, starting 10, for the Lions last year. He taped 604 yards with seven touchdowns, additionally making 12 catches for 101 yards. He has the experience of gift a bell-cow back, the story said. The Titans pat the Rams ~ above Sunday Night soccer this week.