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Eddie Trunk network worth is
$1 Million

Eddie tribe Wiki Biography

Born Eddie Scott stems on the 8 hours August 1964, in Summit, new Jersey USA, he is a radio talk display host, music historian and also author, finest known to the people for his radio and television shows, the key topic of i m sorry is hefty metal and also hard rock music. His career has actually been energetic since 1986.

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Have you ever before wondered just how rich Eddie stems is, as of mid-2016? follow to decisive sources, it has actually been approximated that Eddie`s net worth is together high together $1 million, an quantity he has earned with his career in the entertain industry.

Eddie Trunk network Worth $1 Million

Although born in Summit, Eddie flourished up in Madison, and also went come Madison High School, whereby his attention for music came to be bigger and bigger, as he ended up being a pan of The Raspberries, Aerosmith, Rush, black Sabbath, Kiss and also UFO, among others. He additionally started creating reviews about new records of the renowned bands, because that the school`s paper.

As early on as 1986, Eddie ended up being an employee that Megaforce Records, which at the time had actually both Metallica and Anthrax as part of the label. Eddie slowly functioned his method up in the company, and also at period 25 he ended up being vice-president. Top top account of his position, Eddie was attributed as the executive producer for recordings that bands such as Manowar, Overkill, Icon, Raven and also Anthrax amongst others.

In the first half the the 1990s, he worked as a bowl jockey for the Pure absent Q104.3 station and also was likewise the VJ because that the VH1 Classic, hosting the metal Mania illustration of the weekend.

In the second fifty percent of the 1990s, WNEW FM started an idea come import more heavier sound come their standard rock play-lists, and soon hired Eddie to become the hold for the station. “Saturday Night Rocks” experienced the irradiate of the work in 1997, through Eddie the organize of the show, and also soon after that “Friday Night Rocks” was also created together an addition. Eddie served as the organize until 2003, as soon as the station underwent a style change; regardless, Eddie’s net worth was well established.

After that, his network worth enhanced from his work as a host of the four-hour program on XM Radio`s Ozzvy`s Boneyard Channel top top Saturdays, however, he was suspended after ~ an interview v baseball player Mike Piazza critisising the station. Nevertheless, he went back to XM in December 2006, once he began hosting “Eddie trunk Live”; the present is now called “Eddie stems Nation”, and is aired v the Sirius XM Radio channel, Hair Nation, and is additionally the organize of “Eddie tribe Rocks” aired on Radio KG, and also has his very own podcast present too, entitled “The Eddie stems Podcast”, aired through PodcastOne.

Furthermore, Eddie found engagement top top VH1 television, hosting the “That steel Show”, native 2008 till 2015, which additionally increased his network worth.

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Regarding is personal life, Eddie currently resides in new Jersey v his mam Jen, through whom he has two children. Apart from music and also family, Eddied dedicates his time to sports, as he is one avid fan of new York sports teams, consisting of the Mets, Nets, Giants and Rangers, and is a movie collector.