Raja plans to tell Rani the whole truth really soon however is interrupted by Ambika who asks him not to do it now.

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everybody pushes Raja to win the ring recognize ceremony however he is so lived in mentally the Rani wins.

Raja and Rani take it the critical phera and the guest congratulate them by cheering for them. Raja and Rani finish the rest of the rituals when Rani Maa provides Raja their ancestral necklace to put in ~ above Rani’s neck. The priest tells them come take your elder’s blessings when Rani goes towards Rani Maa and Kaal. Raja points towards Dadu and takes blessings from her. Dadu speak Raja to take care of Rani and also he assures the same. Raja and also Rani enter the Mahal, when Rani is absent Dadu immensely. Ambika welcomes Rani in her new home by completing all the important rituals. Rani loses her balance while stepping in yet Raja handles she well. Rani go in and also Raja is tho thinking around her parents and also plans come tell she the truth really soon.

Jeevan walk to view Lovi and also tells her that what was supposed to happen, has happened. Lovi says that this wasn’t what lock wanted however Jeevan promises her the they will win, no matter exactly how much time it takes because that them. Rani is worrying around Raja if he’s coming along with Rani’s mother’s portrait. Ambika meets him and also asks what the was. Raja states that she was wrong by not telling him the whole truth around Rani. Ambika tells him that they would’ve been damaged by Kaal and also Rani Maa, for this reason she waited until their marriage. She speak him not to execute it in former of everybody but wait, together she’s every alone. Rani look at both of lock chatting and also wonders.

Rani gets up and also walks in the direction of them if Ambika begs she to stop. Jeevan comes and meets Rani through a gift while she’s walking in the direction of Raja. She thanks him and walks as soon as he tells she to open the gift. She opens up it to watch that he’s offered her a portrait that her v Raja, married together. She speak Jeevan that he’s forgiven v a smile. Raja walks away from Ambika and Rani captures hold that him. She asks him what he’s reasoning as she can sense the something’s wrong. Ambika says that they can talk anytime and also they should finish all the rituals first. Rani goes ago to where everybody is sitting and also Raja speak Ambika that he will certainly tell Rani everything, very soon.

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They start with the ring detect ceremony when Raja is still deep in the thoughts. Everyone pushes Raja to find the ring or rather Rani will certainly win. Raja is so populated mentally the Rani wins.