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man Leyba-USA TODAY sporting activities
The United claims men’s nationwide team return to Concacaf civilization Cup qualifying for the first time because that notorious night in Couva nearly four year ago. The USMNT regime has changed dramatically since that fateful night that experienced them miss out ~ above the world Cup for the first time because 1986.

Greg Berhalter’s appointment together manager was met v plenty the skepticism, however even the harshest of movie critics has to recognize that the USMNT is in a much better position currently than it has actually in fairly some time. This in big part due to an infusion of youthful talent mixed with few of the finest comradery the player pool has ever seen.

On the heels of a madness success summer that experienced them to win rivals Mexico because that two regional crowns (Nations League and also Gold Cup), the USMNT are transforming their focus on the greatest prize of all; earning a place earlier in the civilization Cup.

It’s time to check out if all the hype and successful preparations will culminate in a smooth qualification or if there’s an additional catastrophic cycle on the horizon. It all starts through a complicated trip under to El Salvador tonight.


United claims lineup:

Here. We. Go. Your people Cup Qualifying starting XI #SLVvUSA Lineup Notes: https://t.co/JG8zmClZTi pic.twitter.com/9jI59NHzWh

— U.S. Soccer MNT (
USMNT) September 3, 2021

El Salvador lineup:

11 Inicial | Este es nuestra alineación del Prof. Hugo Pérez para esta noche Estados Unidos.¡Todos apoyando a nuesta #AzulYBlanco! ⚪ pic.twitter.com/e2INghobnu

— La Selecta (

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LaSelecta_SLV) September 3, 2021

How come Watch

Advertised Kick-off Time: 10:00 p.m. Eastern, 7:00 p.m. Pacific

Venue: Allegiant Stadium: Estadio Cuscatlan; san Salvador, El Salvador

Available TV: CBS sporting activities Network (English). Universo (Spanish)

Available Streaming: Paramount+ (App/Website), fuboTV (Free trial)

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