Elite impulse 34 it is intended an unequaled shooting experience for target archers and 3D shooters alike, which elite calls shootability


Impulse, one impelling action or force, steering onward or inducing motion.

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Shootability Accelerated. The brand-new Impulse is the culmination of virtually a te of engineering developments with pulse increasing performance, rock-solid geometry, impressive design and also the perfect mix of speed, shootability and stability.

A champion in ~ the range and in the field, this bow is one every shooter will uncover merits within.

Astonishing accuracy coupled v IBO speeds in excess of 340 fps, the identified look and feel the impulse is certain to turn heads in ~ the club and also the range.

Impulse is suited to Hunting, Field, 3D and also Indoor.

The impulse naipublishers.combines a smooth shooting, swift and stable platform into the most progressed bow elite has ever released.

The naipublishers.combination of an extremely stiff riser, many thanks to the Riser Cage, ELITE's IM34 electronic came system and much more parallel limbs deliver impressive arrowhead speeds in one agile and forgiving package with "shootability" at its core.

Launching arrows up to an outstanding 347-350fps IBO, the advertise maximises the an important naipublishers.combination of speed and smooth right into one shootable package everyone will certainly love to carry to full draw.

Thanks to an exceptionally efficient IM34 video camer system, ELITE has actually been able to focus on bow shootability while other bow machines sacrifice together to follow speed. If competition champion and experienced hunter, Levi Morgan was blown away by the shootability of an upstream bow, imagine just how it will feel come you!

ELITE, the world's most shootable bow! later on to peak. Together you start to draw, you'll notification an upstream bow eases you up to top weight. Dispersing the required initiative makes drawing easier, specifically in cold weather after hrs in her stand. Less time at peak weight. ELITE likewise lets you "off the hook" sooner, which way you spend considerably less time at peak weight during the draw cycle. Solid ago wall. With draw stops both top and also bottom that protect against on the limb, girlfriend get regular draw length and also a hard, solid ago wall. This way enhanced repeatability and consistency. Less holding weight. High let-off means extreme naipublishers.comfort at full draw. It means a steadier aim. It way being maybe to organize longer, there is no letting down. Substantial dwell zone. Upstream bows additionally feature a huge "dwell zone" (the quantity of creep allowed before the bow wants to jump out of your hand). This allows you to organize longer and also focus on aiming there is no fighting a jumpy cam. Nothing to it shooting. Best of all, at release you'll hardly feeling a thing. It's amazing! But, don't simply take ELITE's word for it, shoot an ELITE and also experience "Nothing come It" shooting for yourself! take it the elite shootability challenge. In their collective quest for speed, bow makers have actually seemingly forgotten about the importance of the shoot experience. Not ELITE. Shoot an elite bow versus the others. You'll quickly discover out what ELITE mean by "shootability"! upstream Archery's exclusive, agree Kote protective end up is a unique blend that proprietary naipublishers.composites, pigments, agents and modifiers that yield a high-density, ultra durable, very chip-resistant coating with anti-friction properties. Uneven other metal finishing options, pro Kote performance finish is corrosion resistant, stands up to long-term abuse, resists UV damage and also will no fade or chalk even after prolonged use, extreme weather conditions, or prolonged UV exposure.

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In turn, this ultra-premium, non-reflective, matte coating provides far-reaching benefits over sector standard steel treatments together as classic powder coat and also aluminium anodise and also is draft to keep tight tolerances, withstand scratching and eliminate chips.

All upstream camo and Ninja black color bows are developed with a protective complete so every cams, modules, cable rod and also limb pockets will be treated with Pro Kote security finishes in a true complement to your time-honoured Patriot Brown or Sniper Gray naipublishers.components. Together a naipublishers.compliment to its durability, pro Kote's matte end up is bowhunter friendly, absorbs light and is non-reflective, therefore there's no should worry about reflective naipublishers.components spooking game.

Upgraded features, the impulse is equipped through premium Winner's selection Custom Bow Strings created from extremely stable BCY-X material which heightens the Impulse's appeal.

All cams, modules, cable rods and also limb pockets space coated in ELITE's exclusive new ultra-matte and ultra-durable pro Kote end up to perfectly naipublishers.compliment the camo and also Ninja black color for a fit and finish that's second to none.

Available in right and also left handed models through half-inch draw increments from 27 to 31 inches and also in 40, 50, 60, 65, 70 and also 80 peak-draw weights.

Specs in ~ a glance

IBO rate 347-350fpsWeight variety 30-40lbs, 40-50lbs, 50-60lbs, 55-65lbs, 60-70lbs, 70-80lbs. Please specify weight required.Draw length selection 27"-31" in fifty percent inch increments. You re welcome specify attract lengthBrace height 6"Axle come Axle 34"Mass weight 4.4lbsImpulse IM34 electronic came renders much more speed, absent solid back wall, because that quick attract length readjust and regular efficiency in between draw lengthsRiser cage architecture dramatically enhances as whole riser integrity and also performance, riser stamin by 30%, riser rigidity through 19% with more accurate shooting and reduced vibration and buzz and with no included weightBeyond Parallel three layer laminated four that are bomb proofLimb pockets re-designed for much more precise alignmentWinner's choice Strings and also Cables do from BCY-X materialCustom fitted with Limbsaver anti-vibration technologyCams, modules, cable rods and limb pockets are coated in low friction, non-reflective, ultra matte & ultra resilient Pro Kote protective finishShorter, more naipublishers.compact geometryWide valley, easy to hold at full attract for an extended periodExcellent, quiet shoot bowTwo piece wood tight looks great and feels even better, encourages a continuous gripAdjustable rubber coated attract stops certain consistency each and every time you draw your bowAvailable in appropriate Hand and also Left Hand. You re welcome specify RH or LH
Available in Blue, Green, Red, Orange, Pink, Purple, Titanium. You re welcome specify choice. Likewise naipublishers.comes in camo colours of RealTree Xtra, RealTree Max-1, RealTree AP Snow, Kuiu Verde, Kuiu Vias and Ninja black which are marketed separately.

This is what human being have said about the elite Impulse 34.

4 out of 5 stars. "This is one fast bow. The v-grip is the ideal Elite tight ever!" from Bow Shooter native USA