We’re thrilled you’ve quit by and also look front to the chance to satisfy you and also hopefully have a positive impact upon her children and also your family. At epos All Stars, us are totally passionate about 2 things: (1) providing an remarkable experience for all of our students and also their families and (2) Over-delivering on ours promise to lug our student the really best (and many fun) cheer regime they’ll ever before experience.

Our passion for cheer can conveniently be seen and felt the minute you walk right into our beautiful cheer gym at 219 Lawn St. Martinsburg, West Virginia. Class are booked for all age groups v your convenience in mind as we understand that it’s only with the assistance of their parent, the our students important shine.

We’d truly love to fulfill you. Contact (304) 433-1949 and Coach Erin (Program Director) Or Coach Kris Morris (Program Director) at (304) 820-6045 will be happy to schedule you because that a tour of our facilities and also an testimonial with among our skilled coaches at her earliest convenience. We’re at this time accepting brand-new athletes, so now is a an excellent time to get started. Cheer has readjusted all of our lives for the better here at epos All Stars – even if it is you’re in search of a fun activity or space interested in the competitive side of things, we have just what you’re looking for. See you top top the floor!

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It’s time for our beginner 5-6 year old maintain classes!

Every Sunday 3-4! $20 registration fee - authorize up today!




“My daughter is in her sixth year of cheerleading, she is 13. She has cheered 6 year of Rec/Sideline cheer, 3 years of Rec compete cheer, and also into her first year of every Star competitive cheer….. Due to the fact that she has actually started with Epic, I have watched her grow and branch out together a cheerleader. The instruction, … Continued

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My earliest daughter (9) has actually been cheering at epic Allstars because that 3 year now and she certain loves it. Every one of the coaches space friendly, encouraging, and knowledgeable of the sport. They press them difficult to achieve big goals and our groups have had actually AMAZING success in ~ competitions. One point that provides them therefore … Continued

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