epic Mickey Reboot Just became Much more Likely Disney wants game developers come "reimagine" its standard franchises. An epic Mickey reboot would certainly do simply that, as the original game did 10 years ago.

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Epic Mickey and also Oswald with Creature
Disney"s Epic Mickey was one of the company"s most an imaginative adaptations of its most top character, and also recent comments indicate make an Epic Mickey reboot is much more likely 보다 ever. Disney freshly said it wants video clip game developers to innovate with standard Disney properties - something epos Mickey already did nearly 10 year ago.

Released in November 2010, Epic Mickey was a Nintendo Wii-exclusive video clip game directed by Warren Spector, the game style veteran well-known for his role in the creation of Deus Ex, System ShockUltima Underworld, and also Thief: The Dark Project. Under Spector"s direction, Epic Mickey and that sequel, Epic Mickey 2: The power of Two, came to be arguably the most distinct Disney games ever before made. Castle featured a twisted, theme park-like setup called the Cartoon Wasteland, home to decaying personality animatronics (before Five Nights at Freddy"s) and Walt Disney"s forgotten creations. Both games consisted of a morality system, v which Mickey can restore the Wasteland with repaint or destroy it with repaint thinner, bring about multiple endings.

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Unfortunately, neither game executed on the ideas" potential. Epic Mickey"s Metacritic score landed at just 73, and Epic Mickey 2 evaluate were even worse, result in Metacritic scores as low together 57. Chief amongst critics" complaints were imprecise controls, repetitive gameplay, and also a devastating camera. The an initial game"s story and also atmosphere was standing out together its most redeeming quality, though, and that"s other a reboot can capitalize ~ above to good effect.

Epic Mickey v Fantasia Hat and Broom
The original games" developer, Junction allude Studios, was closed by Disney in 2013, but Disney"s limitless brand power might no doubt conjure increase a deal with a solid studio because that a reboot. EA"s current Disney Star Wars video game license use has resulted in varying levels of success, developing games like Star wars Jedi: please Order and Star Wars: Battlefront 2. EA-owned breakthrough studios don"t have much experience with platforming gamings (besides Respawn Entertainment"s Titanfall and collapse Order wall-running), however, therefore Disney would likely need to give the Mickey license to a various developer. Marvel"s Spider-Man developer Insomniac gamings would be a an excellent choice, having created action-platfomers like Spyro and also Ratchet & Clank. Offered the complex Disney/Sony Spider-Man situation, though, the nature of Disney"s partnership to Insomniac is murky.

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In any kind of case, Epic Mickey"s cosmos leaves lot of of potential because that a reboot. Imagine one Epic Mickey sandbox platformer akin to Super Mario Odyssey, wherein Mickey journeys come several people within the Wasteland, each through its very own theme. Alternatively, an Epic Mickey reboot could feature a story told just through music, favor a video game variation of Disney"s Fantasia, with vivid visuals augmented through platforming and also magic-slinging gameplay. The key worry around such a reboot is the influence of producing it there is no Spector, yet perhaps his absence would be an excellent for the series, if Disney truly desires creators to take its properties to interesting brand-new places. One of two people way, Disney would should invest in a talented advancement team if it wanted Epic Mickey to with its original, put in order potential.