Adam, the first man of Abrahamic lore, is pitted versus his partner Eve in this epic Rap battle-of-the-sexes.Guest illustration by Jenna Marbles as Eve.Beat by Flawless… check out More 

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Epic Rap battles of HistoryAdam vsEve, beginThis battle's gonna end like every dispute doesWith you kissing mine ass and begging me because that a rubI do a map, motherfucker, and also I'm analysis it tooGives me particular directions exactly how to fuck through youI understand that you prefer to think you're for this reason machoBut girlfriend smell prefer ballsacks and nachosI occupational while you and also your friend SteveDrink and also play sporting activities in a Fantasy LeagueYou're as sharp as a pole that i rub on mine lipsSo go ahead, take a shot, I'm sure that you'll missLike the laundry, the toilet, the grocery listIf you'd protect against fucking up i wouldn't have actually to gain pissedMy life to be fine 'til you had actually to come along and wreck itCould friend please just shut your challenge for ten seconds?You cry around everything, yet can't decision what friend want"I'm hungry", "I'm fat", "I'm cold", "I'm hot"You call it complex, but, yo, I'd contact you a messYou take it two hrs to cum, three more to gain dressedYou gained a lotion because that this, you acquired a cream because that thatGot any kind of perfume the smells like obtain the fuck off my back?When things are great they're great, and it's like I'm dreamin'Until her junk beginning bleedin' and also you revolve to a demonIt ain't summer, Eve, don't try to beat me choose a doucheYou wanna bite on my fruit, well, you can swallow the truth

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Don't even carry up swallowThe very first man on planet ain't a challenging act come followOne pump chump and you're hung choose a weaselPsh, ditch the fig leaf, obtain yourself a pine needleYou want alone time? have actually it, in factSuck your very own dick and also shave your very own backThat apple's the finest thing I bit so farNow i see just how much that a cock you areI wasn't listening, are you quiet flapping those lips?I was just thinking, 'Yo, go I provide up a rib because that this?'Woman, I simply don't know what your trouble isAll I know is you're acting like a colossal bitch"I'm sorry""I'm sorry, too""All right, nice""Don't also think about it""Okay, that's fine, we might eatWho won?Who's next? you decideEpic—oh yeah—Rap war of History