The UEFA “Euro 2020” TV schedule ~ above the ESPN household of networks. Postponed through a year, but still officially called “Euro 2020,” the competition is set to start on Friday, June 11, 2021. All matches will air ~ above ESPN, ESPN2 or ABC, through the semifinals and finals also accessible on ESPN+.

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UEFA Euro 2020 TV Schedule

Listed times do not encompass ESPN/ABC pre-match coverage. For a 3:00 afternoon ET match, ESPN/ABC will certainly come ~ above the air at 2:30.

Knockout round

Sunday, July 11

Time ETGameTV
3:00pItaly – EnglandFinalESPN,ESPN+, UNI,TUDN

How come stream Euro 2020

All Euro 2020 matches are available to currently via streaming MVPDs YouTube TV, Fubo and Hulu + Live TV, every of which has ESPN, ESPN2 and (in numerous markets) the local ABC station. Sling has ESPN and also ESPN2. If you have completely cut the cord, you deserve to still watch the semifinals and finals by signing up for an ESPN+ subscription. You have the right to purchase a $5.99/month subscription here.

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(The preceding is one affiliate link and SMW might receive a the supervisory board if girlfriend subscribe.).

Completed days

Friday, June 11

Time ETGameTV
3:00pTurkey – ItalyGroup AESPN


Saturday, June 12

Time ETGameTV
9:00aWales – SwitzerlandGroup AESPN
2:30pDenmark – FinlandGroup B (Conclusion of match)ESPNEWS
3:00pBelgium – RussiaGroup BABC

Sunday, June 13

Time ETGameTV
9:00aEngland – CroatiaGroup DESPN
NoonAustria – phibìc MacedoniaGroup CESPN
3:00pNetherlands – UkraineGroup CESPN

Monday, June 14

Time ETGameTV
9:00aScotland – Czech RepublicGroup DESPN
NoonPoland – SlovakiaGroup EESPN
3:00pSpain – SwedenGroup EESPN

Tuesday, June 15

Time ETGameTV
NoonHungary – PortugalGroup FESPN
3:00pFrance – GermanyGroup FESPN

Wednesday, June 16

Time ETGameTV
9:00aFinland – RussiaGroup BESPN
NoonTurkey – WalesGroup AESPN
3:00pItaly – SwitzerlandGroup AESPN

Thursday, June 17

Time ETGameTV
9:00aUkraine – north MacedoniaGroup CESPN
NoonDenmark – BelgiumGroup BESPN
3:00pNetherlands – AustriaGroup CESPN

Friday, June 18

Time ETGameTV
9:00aSweden – SlovakiaGroup EESPN
NoonCroatia – Czech RepublicGroup DESPN
3:00pEngland – ScotlandGroup DESPN

Saturday, June 19

Time ETGameTV
9:00aHungary – FranceGroup FESPN
NoonPortugal – GermanyGroup FESPN
3:00pSpain – PolandGroup EABC

Sunday, June 20

Time ETGameTV
NoonSwitzerland – TurkeyGroup AESPN2
Italy – WalesGroup AESPN

Monday, June 21

Time ETGameTV
NoonUkraine – AustriaGroup CESPN
North Macedonia – NetherlandsGroup CESPN2
3:00pRussia – DenmarkGroup BESPN
Finland – BelgiumGroup BESPN2

Tuesday, June 22

Time ETGameTV
3:00pCzech Republic – EnglandGroup DESPN
Croatia – ScotlandGroup DESPN2

Wednesday, June 23

Time ETGameTV
NoonSlovakia – SpainGroup EESPN
Sweden – PolandGroup EESPN2
3:00pPortugal – FranceGroup FESPN
Germany – HungaryGroup FESPN2

Saturday, June 26

Time ETGameTV
NoonWales – DenmarkRound the 16ESPN
3:00pItaly – AustriaRound the 16ABC

Sunday, June 27

Time ETGameTV
NoonNetherlands – Czech RepublicRound of 16ESPN
3:00pBelgium – PortugalRound the 16ABC

Monday, June 28

Time ETGameTV
NoonCroatia – SpainRound of 16ESPN
3:00pFrance – SwitzerlandRound of 16ESPN

Tuesday, June 29

Time ETGameTV
NoonEngland – GermanyRound that 16ESPN
3:00pSweden – UkraineRound of 16ESPN

Friday, June 2

Time ETGameTV
NoonSwitzerland – SpainQuarterfinalESPN
3:00pBelgium – ItalyQuarterfinalESPN

Saturday, July 3

Time ETGameTV
NoonCzech Republic – DenmarkQuarterfinalESPN
3:00pUkraine – EnglandQuarterfinalABC

Tuesday, July 6