Which of the following does no represent one of the advantages of mathematical modeling?

A model can be used to connect problems and also solutions to others.

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Models can help a decision maker formulate problems.
Models can administer insight and information.
A model can solve complex problems in a fashionable fashion.
None that the above

Which of the adhering to is a qualitative factor rather than a quantitative factor?

weekly sales because that a company
new legislation
total manufacturing cost
gross nationwide product
all of the above

Postoptimality evaluation is most closely associated with

collecting intake data.
developing a model.
sensitivity analysis.
writing a computer system program.
none of the above

Excel is an example of

a spreadsheet.
an skilled system.
a database.
artificial intelligence.
none of the above

Which that the following would define why some civilization would resist alters in operations based on quantitative analysis?

It might reduce the strength of decision makers.
It could expose ahead decisions together being inadequate.
Managers frequently prefer to see things done quickly.
all that the above
none of the above

All that the adhering to are potential roadblocks that arise in the problem definition phase EXCEPT:

validity of the data.
conflicting viewpoints.
impact on various other departments.
solution is outdated.
none that the above

A controlled variable is likewise called a

decision variable.
mathematical model.
measurable quantity.
none of the above

Evaluating all feasible values the a variable in a version is called

trial and error.
complete enumeration.
an algorithm.
none of the above

Most of the models disputed in this publication are

scale models.
physical models.
mathematical models.
none the the above

Once a solution has actually been implemented, the is commonly recommended to

adhere to it because that life.
impose the on all managers and also departments.
closely screen it for any readjust in environmental factors and assumptions the the early model.

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immediately throw it and come up through some various other way.
none that the above
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