Ron Miller at a Walt Disney family Museum gala dinner in san Francisco in 2017. Credit: Kelly Sullivan / Getty

Tributes have been payment to Ron Miller, son-in-law to Walt Disney and also co-founder that Silverado Vineyards in Napa Valley, who has passed away aged 85.

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Ron Miller, that was additionally president of the plank of directors at the Walt Disney household Museum in san Francisco and had formerly been Disney CEO, passed away in Napa, California, announced the team at Silverado Vineyards.

Miller and his wife, Diane Disney Miller, founded Silverado Vineyards in 1981, together with Disney Miller’s mother, Lillian Disney.

They gathered the winery throughout a transformational period for California and also its was standing in the alcohol world.

‘Since its first vintage, Silverado has actually won a fine call for consistent and full-bodied Cabernets from Stags Leap District,’ created naipublishers.com contributing editor Stephen Brook critical year.

Miller is made it through by his seven children, to add 13 grandchildren and also four great-grandchildren. His wife, Diane, passed away in 2013.


Ron Miller, co-founder of Silverado Vineyards v his wife, Diane Disney Miller. Credit: Silverado Vineyards.

The Walt Disney connection

Miller was a 21-year-old American football player because that the university of southern California when he met 20-year-old Diane Disney on a remote date. Castle married in Santa Barbara ~ above 9 May, 1954.

After a period in the army and also playing football professionally for Los Angeles Rams, he was recruited by his father-in-law to job-related at Walt Disney studios.

Miller is attributed with help to lead the development of the organization following Walt Disney’s fatality in 1966.

As CEO that the Walt Disney Co in between between 1978 and also 1984, he drove the development of Disney home video, Touchstone Pictures and also the Disney Channel, and a move into computer system animation.

‘Everyone in ~ The Walt Disney firm is deeply saddened by the passing of Ron Miller,’ said Bob Iger, chairman and also CEO that The Walt Disney Co.

‘Few civilization had Ron’s expertise of our history, or a depths appreciation and also respect for our company, and he common it generously through anyone who wanted to know more. I to be fortunate to have known him, and even luckier to have called him a friend. My thoughts and also prayers space with his family.’

In 2009, he helped to establish the Walt Disney Museum in mountain Francisco.

Silverado Vineyards said that the museum has set up a memorial fund to obtain donations in tribute to Miller’s life.

Both Ron Miller and also his wife were recognized for your philanthropy, significantly in the areas of classical music and ballet.

Beyond film and also wine, Miller also enjoyed skiing, fishing, hunting and golf.

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