Luis receives devastating news about his partnership with Victoria in the Shack the Secrets, Alicia"s surprise return sets off Cory, and also one of Cameron"s exes arrives.

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A group of singles think they"re on a sexy getaway, yet their pasts are placed on blast when they realize your exes will be joining them, and also a painful mystery is revealed.

Maya learns a an enig about Kareem, another single guy arrives at the house, and an ex spreads an explosive rumor about one the the housemates.

Farrah and Cheyenne room in for large surprises, and also the singles have to decide i m sorry ex is on the chopping block in the very first Cut or crush Ceremony.

Fed up through Maya"s mean-girl ways, Diandra befriends the newest ex to get strength in numbers, and an unexpected surprise jeopardizes among the house"s strongest couples.

Morgan battles to save her kiss with Corey a an enig from Jay, Farrah leaves for her court date, and also the come of Nurys"s ex stirs increase drama.
Nicole and Chad get to recognize each other on a romantic dinner date, Janelle loser it on someone in the house during a jealousy rage, and also Farrah renders an adversary out that Nurys.
Janelle do the efforts to ask the hatchet, the battle between Farrah and also Nurys continues, and a revealing trip to the Shack of secrets puts the exes in the driver"s seat.
The exes" remove decision is revealed, the come of a brand-new single rocks the house, and also an animal party transforms vicious.
Janelle encounters repercussions, Cheyenne concerns his future ~ a expedition to the Shack the Secrets, and a partnership is threatened when a new ex come at the house.
It"s time for payback once the singles eliminate an ex, Chad and also Nicole"s connection hits one more road block, and also a costume party ends through a meltdown.
Maddie goes too far with she naipublishers.comments, Angela and Nelson turn up the heat, a visit to the Shack of secrets leads to a surprising bond, and the exes roast the singles.
Chad encounters the autumn from Nicole"s actions, stress and anxiety leads come a confrontation in between Jozea and also Corey, and Angela it s okay an unpleasant surprise as soon as her ex shows up.
The house is shook as soon as an ex is sent house without warning, Angela ultimately naipublishers.comes clean about her past with Tor"i, and also Chad projects for Maddie"s eviction.
Farrah returns to find out once and also for every if she is important over she Ex. The fact is revealed as soon as a lie detector test pressures the house to take it an moral look at their relationships.
Romeo and Justina Valentine sit down through the singles and also exes come rehash the season"s greatest hookups and also clashes, and also a lied detector check reveals some painful truths.
Cheyenne discover a shocking love triangle, Malcolm admits to cheating ~ above Maya, and the truth naipublishers.comes out when Morgan faces the lied detector test.
Malcolm breaks under his residence romances and also reveals where his partnership with Maya go after the show.
During the reunion, co-host Romeo discover a video that shows a never-before-seen kiss in between Corey Brooks and Diandra.
The cast of The Hills it s okay a new start as soon as The Hills: new Beginnings premieres top top June 25 ~ above AU and also NZ.

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It"s a pursuit to build realm in Mykonos, Greece, and also only the finest of the finest will do as soon as Lindsay Lohan"s Beach society premieres January 9 in ~ 12pm - very same time together the US and also only top top!