Here space 10 things you might not know about Dallas Cowboys running back and two-time NFL rushing champion Ezekiel Elliott.

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1. He originates from an athletic family

Elliott\"s mother and also father, Dawn and Stacy, were both collegiate athletes in ~ Missouri. Dawn to be a heptathlete with the Tigers and Stacy to be a linebacker because that the soccer team. Stacy to be a part of the team that lost to Colorado top top the well known \"fifth down.\"

Here\"s a fast anecdote about Elliott when he was a child, indigenous SportsDay\"s Kate Hairopoulos:

During a scrimmage, the always physical running earlier kept laying the end the very same player, beat after play, also though he didn\"t have actually the ball. Bam, bam, bam. Someone ultimately said, \"Zeke, why girlfriend hitting that boy so hard?\"

Raeffel Merriweather, Zeke\"s coach from periods 7 come 13, recounted Elliot\"s answer: \"Coach claims you don\"t block, girlfriend don\"t acquire the ball.\"

2. Off-the-field problems

The NFL disciplined Cowboys running ago Ezekiel Elliott by suspending that six gamings for violating its personal conduct policy, citing \"substantial and persuasive evidence\" the he offered \"physical force\" versus a mrs over multiple work in July 2016 in Columbus, Ohio.

Getting to the suspension was an extremely tedious job with legal twists and turns all throughout the 2017 season.

Long story short: His roller-coaster battle versus the NFL officially ended Nov. 15, as soon as his attorneys announced he was dropping the very nice of a six-game suspension by the NFL. Elliott had currently served one game of the suspension at the time. The team went 3-3 without him.

To view a an ext comprehensive failure of the saga, view a complete timeline the the occasions surrounding his battle with the NFL here.

3. He to be a beast of one athlete in high school

Elliott was a 6-foot, 205 lb running back at john Burroughs, a private school in Missouri.

He finished his high school career with more than 4,800 rushing yards and also 90 touchdowns. The led his team to three straight title games...and they lost all three. After ~ his final high institution game, he had actually to fight earlier tears as soon as talking to reporters.

\"You put in so plenty of hours through your boys, your brothers, all season because that the past four years, and also you aren\"t able to attain what you want to,\" Elliott said the St. Luigi Post-Dispatch. \"So it damages a lot. Yet you need to be strong. I have to be solid for my boys ago in the locker room. Ns can\"t it is in moping around. I have to present them the it\"s not over, it\"s not over. I think in them. I think they have the right to come back next year. They room going to win a state championship.\"

He also won the Post-Dispatch\"s Male Athlete that the Year his an elderly year. In addition to play football, he was his school\"s small forward. He average 13 points and six rebounds.

4. He was rated the 12th best RB the the 2013 class

Missouri, where his parents checked out school, was among 24 colleges to recruitment Elliott, that was a four-star recruit coming the end of high school. He also held offers from Florida State, Georgia, Texas and Wisconsin.

Here\"s what an ESPN scouting report stated of Elliott.

He has a very good blend of size, speed and also strength, yet is no elite in any type of one area. He has a solid build and also the body structure essential to run between the tackles and also remain durable. He\"s a abundant stretch and cut runner, finds the cutback quickly and shows great burst when acquiring north through tight seams. He deserve to stop and readjust direction on a dime, displaying very great feet, balance and body control. He is dangerous with his capability to avoid defenders in ~ the heat of scrimmage and quickly bounce to the corner. The is challenging to heat up for a direct shot through traffic and also he will certainly take benefit of over-pursuit. That is a sudden, liquid cutter however lacks the premium explosion and also power.

Rivals also detailed him as the 12th ideal running ago in the 2013 class.

Other remarkable players front of him were Derrick green (No. 1 to Michigan), Derrick Henry (No. 5 to Alabama) and Keith Ford (No. 7 to Oklahoma).

5. How\"d the crop top start?


From Hairopoulos:

The root of Elliott\"s fondness for reflecting off his ab muscles deserve to be traced earlier to Burroughs.

The self-proclaimed \"hero in a halfshirt\" end up being known because that tucking his jersey increase to reveal his stomach at Ohio State prior to the NCAA prohibition the practice. As soon as the Buckeyes were honored at the White residence for win the title, even President Obama do a crack around Elliott\"s chop tops .


Burroughs coach man Merritt, who was one assistant in ~ the time, recalls Elliott coming into his history class wearing a blazer but no shirt underneath. Next, the senior tried come take turn off the blazer.

\"I had to call him, \"Ezekiel, you have to wear a shirt to class,\"\" Merritt said. \"He\"s always been one individual and also his personality will constantly shine through. He\"s a magnet. People love him.\"

6. Stat collector

Despite missing a chunk the the 2017 season, Elliott is still among the most abundant backs in the NFL.

In his first three seasons, he\"s compiled 5,247 full yards and 34 touchdowns. That\"s an average of an ext than 130 yards and just under one touchdown per video game in his first 40 consistent season appearances.

Elliot has already claimed a pair of rushing titles merged with two Pro bowl appearances (2016, 2018).

7. His dog has actually its own Instagram account

check out this write-up on Instagram
A post shared by Ace, Deuce, and also Jack Jack (
acedeuceandjackelliott) top top Mar 28, 2016 in ~ 9:49am PDT

Elliott actually has actually two dogs. The one pictured above is Ace (find his an extremely own Instagram file here). Ace apparently scared one of Elliott\"s Ohio State teammates.

He additionally has an additional dog named Chase, who was actually stolen after someone cut a hole through Elliott\"s fence to acquire the dog.

Ezekiel Elliott & his family members are searching for his absent dog, Chase, after ~ someone reduced fence come steal that from yard

— WSYX alphabet 6 (

Fear not, Chase went back to his owner.

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8. Several of his tattoos

Elliott apparently dubbed 2016 the \"Year of the Wolf.\" He commemorated it by gaining this tattoo.

ezekielelliott come thru n gained hit up today!!!! much respect bro✊