Some inhabitants of St. Croix Falls, Wis., room taking worry with “F-Bomb” being presented in signage because that a downtown guns retailer, F-Bomb Ordnance, photographed in July 2015. (Courtesy the Geoff Gorres)

Is an “f-bomb” inappropriate for main Street?

F-Bomb Ordnance freshly opened a guns retail store in downtown St. Croix Falls, Wis., and its signage has prompted complaints around the public display screen of a euphemism for a particular four-letter word.

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During an abnormally packed-house city council meeting last week, about a dozen people spoke out versus the signage, mayor Brian Blesi said.

“Residents have expressed that our nuisance ordinance has language the this graphic violates,” he said, adding that the city council will take up the concern during a conference Monday.

Amy Klein was one of those that spoke out versus the business’s surname at critical week’s meeting.

“The innuendo approximately it is enough that it yes, really lowers the requirements in this community,” Klein claimed Friday. “I just think the we together a ar need to host ourselves to higher standards.”

F-Bomb Ordnance’s owners say they’re not trying to be inflammatory and that the organization should have the ability to display its name and also website — — on the exterior of the building.

“We don’t think that offends the morals and decency that the community,” co-owner Dr. Geoff Gorres said.

Blesi said he’s got a number of calls and emails in assistance of the business, yet most have expressed concern. Market for the previous three years and city the supervisory board member for number of more, Blesi stated he can’t remind the critical time the city of around 2,100 challenged an issue this contentious.

Gorres stated F-Bomb Ordnance — i beg your pardon operated because that the previous several year in adjacent Amery, Wis. — didn’t collection out to be controversial or offensive. A euphemism, the said, is a word that is offered in place of one that is considered offensive.

“But we don’t manage how other civilization are offended,” he said. “There space a the majority of things that offend me in America, and I just have to attend to them.”

Gorres stated he and also other owners think they have “the moral high ground.”

“We won’t be changing our name,” he said. “We won’t be moving. And also I think it’s unlikely the we’ll be transforming our signage in the near future.”

Both Blesi and Gorres said there is an additional issue affecting the backlash versus the business: problem by some about F-Bomb Ordnance marketing firearms. Gorres claimed that is “absolutely” a aspect in the uproar over the name.

“If the name of our company was F-bomb Records, i don’t think the we’d be having actually this discussion,” stated Gorres, who is an emergency room physician.

Klein, however, said searching is part of the culture in St. Croix Falls and the truth the business sells guns “is really no the worry here.”

“The concern is the innuendo around the name itself being really offensive,” she said.

Main Street, she added, is in need of businesses, yet it is seeing some revitalization. To speak to a company “F-Bomb” is out of location with the initiative that’s gift made downtown, she said.

“It just reflects such an inconsistency with what we want our community to be,” claimed Klein, who has lived in St. Croix falls for 13 years.

The service focuses top top the well-known AR-15 rifle system and has a customer base that includes many in legislation enforcement, Gorres said. One of the business’s co-owners is a Polk ar sheriff’s deputy and another is a military veteran, claimed Gorres, who offered in the U.S. Navy.

“The energetic members that our organization … have actually all sworn one oath come uphold and also defend people’s constitutional rights, and we take that seriously,” he said. “We simply expect the same respect of our rights.”

Mayor Blesi, however, doesn’t check out the business’ signage together a first or second Amendment issue.

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“It’s a neighborhood ordinance issue, and also it’s related to just how visitors and people within the ar perceive a company on main Street,” he said. “What perception perform we want tourists to our community to have and to leave with?”

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