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Born:November 14, 1805HamburgGermany...(Show more)Died:May 14, 1847 (aged 41)BerlinPrussia...(Show more)

Fanny Mendelssohn, in complete Fanny (Cäcilie) Mendelssohn (-Bartholdy), married name Fanny Hensel, (born November 14, 1805, Hamburg —died may 14, 1847, Berlin, Prussia), German pianist and composer, the eldest sister and also confidante of the composer Felix Mendelssohn.

Fanny is said to have been together talented musically as her brother, and the two children were provided the very same music teachers. Felix conveniently admitted that his sister played the piano far better than the did, and Fanny continued to be his chief music adviser until he left home. She is said to have actually memorized J.S. Bach’s finish Well-Tempered Clavier by age 13.

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Fanny married the Prussian court artist Wilhelm Hensel in 1829. She traveled in Italy through her husband in 1839–40. Upon her mother’s death in 1842 she took over the direction of the Mendelssohn family home in Berlin, in which function she organized regional concerts and occasionally showed up as a pianist. Fanny remained an extremely close to she brother, and also her death in may 1847 greatly added to Felix’s own demise six month later.

Fanny wrote around 500 musical compositions in all, including around 120 pieces for piano, many lieder (art songs), and also chamber music, cantatas, and also oratorios. 6 of her songs were released under Felix’s name in his 2 sets of Twelve Songs (Opuses 8 and 9), if the few works published under her own name encompass several collections of brief piano pieces, part lieder, and a piano trio. Many of her remaining works exist just in manuscript. Stylistically she music is similar to the of she brother.

Fanny’s son Sebastian wrote a story of the Mendelssohn family members based partially on Fanny’s diaries and also letters, which carry out a good deal of information about her brother Felix.

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