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My Father"sdaughter pt1

Summary: after ~ the terrible gala, you obtain an unexpected visit from her “mother”and she family.

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A/n: Hello so ns feel favor the mom character should have a name, for this reason from here on out, her mother’s name is Christine. Likewise i expect y’all favor this one reason i feel like it’s walking kinda slow.


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Growing up was rough.

Because her mother chose that you and also Tony weren’t worth the effort, you had actually to mature quite quickly. You’re father had fallen right into this deep depression, whereby he can barely take treatment of himself. You had actually to make sure that your father woke up ~ above time for meetings, made certain he ate, drank water, and also inevitably had actually to make sure that the didn’t choke on his own vomit as soon as he gained shitfaced.

Needless come say, you were an extremely mature for nine years old.

But then, a irradiate in the kind of Virginia Potts came into your lives. She witnessed the method you had taken ~ above the function of Tonys caregiver, and was heartbroken. At first she assumed it was just pure negligence native Tonys end, but as she spent more time v the both of you, she realized the Tony loved you an ext than anything in this world. Therefore she grounding around.

At an initial you were weary that her. Not really trusting towards older woman, or motherly numbers as you to be scorned once. But she never gave up. Not on friend or your father. No, she stayed even when you would run far on under her watch. She stayed even when girlfriend would try and steal her fathers cars for a rapid joy ride through Manhattan. And also she stayed once you broke down after ~ your mommy had people come choose up every her thing from the Tower, not bothering come come herself and also say goodbye.

She didn’t leave. She hosted you as you screamed and sobbed as the males packed away every little thing she owned. She held you even when you squirmed and scratched at she arms to get away. And also she held you together you offered up and also silently cried then ultimately fell asleep, strict clutching her midsection.

That’s as soon as you started to come around. You stopped running away whenever your father would leave you through her, wouldn’t talk ago when she asked you to pick up a mess, and also you also helped her out as soon as some creep intern chose to placed the move on her during a agency meeting.

It wasn’t until your dad went lacking when girlfriend truly observed her together someone you can trust. It to be the worst three months of your life. One more parent gone unexpectedly from your life. You were relocated come mansion in Malibu, a big empty location where the halls echoed together you walked v them. And you had thought the Pepper to be going to stay ago in brand-new York, she wasn’t her assistant after ~ all. You to be shocked to watch her at the airport, suitcase in towwith a identified look.

Seeing the watch of surprised on your face she stated,

“ I’m not going to let you perform this alone.” ,then got your hand to command you with terminal.

You were grateful that she just acknowledged your tears once you were in the privacy that the personal jet. She rubbed your earlier as friend let the tears operation down your face. The totality three months that you were in her care, her perspective changed.

She asked about your day, made sure you ate, tucked friend in and also held you whenever you had actually nightmares. Through in that 3 month period, Pepper confirmed you what that was like to have actually a mommy again. And she never ever let friend down.

Then your dad come home, and your family was complete. You were ecstatic once they started dating and also even much more so as soon as your dad announced the they to be going to obtain engaged.

And even though it took years, you finally trusted Pepper enough to see her as your mother. You were happy.

Which is why you were extra pissed as soon as you came residence from her mother-daughter day and also saw your biological mother with Bruce Wayne in the common room. They to be sitting ~ above the couch and were gaining glared at by the Avengers the were residence from missions,(Natasha, Steve, and also Sam).

“Dad, what’s going on?” girlfriend ask, looking previous the hopeful and also curious gazes from the couch.

“Kid, ns think you far better sit down.” Tony stated through slightly clenched teeth. His challenge was grim, together he looked previous you and made eye contact with Pepper. They had a quiet conversation v their eyes, and also she nodded. She squeezed your shoulders and took your bags, then through a rapid glare she had actually the rest of the room cleared other than for the 4 of you.

You took a seat across from your mother, Christine and also Bruce. She sent out a laugh your means and to be met v a empty look,“ Dad, what’s walk on?”

He sighs and makes his means over to were you were seated,“I don’t know, Christine, possibly you must explain.”

His tone shown that that knew why she to be here, but wanted her to sound stupid. Pepper came over and sat on the t various other side that you.

Christine glanced at the Pepper and also cleared her throat,“Perhaps need to be kept in between family?”

You scoffed,“ since Pep has actually been about longer than you ever before have been, you have actually no ideal to decision who’s family to me and whos not.”

You view Pepper sit up straighter through pride and also mother slump.

You sigh,“ What space you act here?”

She looks at Bruce, who you candid forgot was still there,“ Y/n…I desire you to come home with us.”

A silence filled the room. Friend felt Pepper it is too dirty up at the words and also saw her dads and clench into a fist.

You yet just stared in utter disbelief.


“I recognize it’s much fetched.” Your mother starts, ignoring your scoff,“ however i really execute think it would benefit you to concerned Gotham through us, and also get to understand your siblings!”

You were seething.

“My siblings? You average the family members that girlfriend left united state for.”

“Y/n that’s not-”

“No, you think that you have the right to just waltz right into my home, after nine years of certain no contact, no date of birth cards, not also a message to permit me understand that you to be alive, and expect me come what? simply welcome you into open arms? leave MY family and also go live v you?? Really?” friend say through a scoff.

“Y/n there is a ot of determinants you room not considering” Bruce chimes in because that the an initial time.

You turn your glare ~ above him,“ and what you’re simply okay with the fact that your wife has a entirety other son who she just fucking abandoned?

“Language.” your father mutters leading to you to role your eyes.

“Well, i can’t say this didn’t come as a shock.” Bruce states,“ But, I additionally know that i love mine wife, and also that I would certainly welcome you come our home.”

Your throat was hurting v the amount if time you’ve scoffed,“ and also I appreciate that, really, yet I would never leave mine family. Especially not because that her.”

Christine’s eyes start to tear up,“ Y/n please, a girl needs her mother.”

Those words triggered the anger inside you. Your blood boiled and also you deserve to tell that she knew she messed up.

“Oh? Is the right? What about when ns was six and also I waited for you to come and also take me to the mother’s work dance, just you never showed up and I went v my nanny. Or once I was eight and you promised the you would certainly take me to acquire my ears pierced yet then you acquired a call call and left therefore dad take it me?”

You witnessed the tears run down her face as Bruce looked prefer he was thinking around something.

“Oh and what around when ns was nine. I was nine and also you promised to take it me to the park. Friend remember that? cause I do.”

Tony tenses alongside you, knowing what friend were about to say.

“Y/n I can never apologize sufficient but-” You reduced her off

“I to be NINE and your promised to take it me to the park” friend continue,“ however you left. And also this time you didn’t come back.” friend finish and also lean forward,“ call me, why the HELL would certainly you think that i would desire to come live v you and your fucking family?”

The room was as soon as again engulfed in a tense silence. The only sounds were the sniffling of her mother.

“You’re my baby girl…my petal. I love friend and constantly have…” She starts,“ My greatest regret is leaving you that day and also you have to know the Y/n.”

You feel tears begin to rise, a node in her throat.

Peppers hand squeezes yours and you calm down and also say

“Then you’re gonna have to learn come live through it.”

Then you stand up and also walk ideal out the the room. Leaving the adults and marching straight to the maintain rooms to let out some steam.

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Back in the usual room, a tense quiet weighed top top the adults. The seemed choose no one knew exactly what come say, or they didn’t desire to speak up.

Only when Tony clearing his neck did Christine speak increase again.

“I didn’t concerned cause any type of trouble.” she claimed quietly.

“What did you think would happen?”Tony states crossing his arms, “Surely you didn’t expect her to leave with you?”

“No Tony ns didn’t. I just thought she would’ve taken into consideration it. I am still she mother.”

Pepper snorted, leading to the attention to turn to her.

Christine’s eyes narrowed, “ and also who exactly are you to mine daughter?”

Tony tensed, discovering not to mess with Pepper specifically when it came to you. The sat ago and waited because that mamma bear come come out.

Pepper sent out a glare she way, “ Me? I’m simply the woman who has actually been increasing her for the previous nine years.”

Before Christine have the right to get one more word on Pepper continued on,

“ i don’t know who girlfriend think friend are, however you have actually put Y/n and also Tony with a many turmoil throughout the years. And also now girlfriend think you can come in here and also demand forgiveness native them?? That’s not happening.”

Bruce began to speak up, “I recognize the pains you’re household must have gone through, and I to be sorry about my…unknowing participation, however Christine is willing to occupational on her partnership with she daughter.”

Now Tony began speaking, “why? Why now? Y/n is nearly an adult, she doesn’t need you anymore. Not favor she go before.”

“I’m her mother.” Christine claimed stubbornly, “ She’ll always need she mother.”

“And she has one. Simply not you.” Pepper said standing from she spot, “ i think it’s time for you 2 to leave. I have to go comfort MY daughter.”

And with that Pepper make her method to the door wherein you disappeared, knowing exactly where girlfriend are. But before she left, she turned and said