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Fess Elisha Parker, Jr. Network worth is
$20 Million

Fess Elisha Parker, Jr. Wiki Biography

Fess Elisha Parker, Jr. Was born ~ above the 16th august 1924, in fort Worth, Texas and died on the 18th March, 2010 in Santa Ynez, California, USA. He to be an actor and winemaker and resort owner. He is probably finest known for producing the picture of Davy Crockett in the television series under the very same name (1955 – 1956). Fess Parker had been active in the entertainment sector from 1950 come 2007. His winery, called The Fess Parker Winery, belongs come the group of the Foxen Canyon wine Trail.

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How much was the net worth that Fess Parker? Reportedly, at the time of his death his riches was as much as $20 million.

Fess Parker net Worth $20 Million

To start with, Fess Parker grew-up close to San Angelo, wherein his father had actually a farm, then during human being War II Parker offered in the USA Navy. In 1950, he i graduated from the college of Texas v a Bachelor’s degree in arts History. Climate he moved to California and studied drama at the college of southern California, with the target of acquiring a understand of Arts degree in Theatre Studies.

In the at an early stage 1950s Parker played his first roles in movies, consisting of “Harvey”(1950) by Henry Koster, “No Room for the Groom”(1952) and also “Take Me come Town” (1953) both through Douglas Sirk, “The kid from Left Field” (1953) by Harmon Jones, “Dragonfly Squadron”(1954) through Lesley Selander as well as many various other films. He was under contract with the Walt Disney Studios and also became known for his roles in the Disney TV series “Davy Crockett” (1954-1956), and the films emerged from that – “Davy Crockett, King that the Wild Frontier” (1955) and also “Davy Crockett and also the river Pirates” (1956). Moreover, Walt Disney made the the star the the attribute films “The good Locomotive Chase” (1956), “Old Yeller” (1957) and also “The irradiate in the Forest” (1958). The Walt Disney company appointed him as a Disney Legend in 1991. In the television series “Daniel Boone” (1964 – 1970) Parker played the historical number of the pioneer and adventurer, that which he directed number of episodes, and additionally worked together the producer. Overall, acting boosted the complete size of Fess Parker’s net worth considerably.

However, it must be said that Parker had some various other engagements, too. In the 1970s, Fess Parker withdrew from the movie business and also became a real estate agent and hotelier. Native the so late 1980s, he operated in California as a winemaker in ~ the family-owned wineries in Los Olivos in Santa Ynez Valley, creating several award winning wines. In referral to his film function of Davy Crockett, he made decision as the logo design of the company a gold raccoon hat. Parker was a long time friend of Ronald Reagan, whose residential property was close to Parker’s wineries. He stood for Reagan in an official mission in Australia in 1985.

Finally, in the personal life the the actor and also winemaker, Parker married Marcella Belle Rinehart in 1960, and the couple had two children. He died from natural reasons at residence in Santa Ynez, California at the age of 85. Follow to his wishes, Parker rests at the Santa Barbara Cemetery in California, USA.

Full NameFess Parker
Net Worth$20 Million
Date of Birth16th respectable 1924, in ft Worth, Texas
Died18th March, 2010 in Santa Ynez, California, USA
Height1.96 m
ProfessionFilm and also television actor
EducationUSA Navy, university of Texas, university of southerly California
SpouseMarcella Belle Rinehart (1960-2010)
ChildrenAshley Allen Rinehart, Fess Elisha Parker III
AwardsTexas social Trust"s "Texas Medal of art Award" (2003), Honored the "tribute window on a façade" in the Frontierland ar of Disneyland
NominationsDisney Legend (1991), Emmy Award because that Best new personality (1954)
Movies52), “Take Me to Town” (1953), “The son from Left “Harvey”(1950), “No Room because that the Groom” (1953), “Dragonfly Squadron”(1954), “The great Locomotive Chase” (1956), “Old Yeller” (1957), “The light in the Forest” (1958)
TV Shows“Davy Crockett” (1954-1956), “Daniel Boone” (1964 – 1970)

1I left the business after 22 years. It was time to leave Hollywood. I come along at a time as soon as I"m beginning out v Gary Cooper, john Wayne, Sterling Hayden and Gregory Peck. Who necessary a guy running roughly in a coonskin cap?
2I guess friend could contact me plain. I don"t go in for show. There isn"t anything ns want as well much, other than to it is in a good actor.
3There have actually been several transforming points in mine life, yet the most important one come the day ns stepped before the cameras together Davy Crockett. The means I look at things, a man"s life story isn"t his alone, however it belongs to a lot of of civilization who have actually influenced him and also done things for him the he deserve to never repay.

1Acting mentor and also friend the Darby Hinton.
2In order for Buddy Ebsen to sell him dance lessons, the exchanged guitar lessons with Parker.
3Owns and operates a winery: Fess Parker Winery P.O. Box 908 6200 Foxen Canyon Rd. Los Olivos, CA 93441-9999 (800) 841-1104 <1997>
4Attended the funeral of longtime best friend, buddy Ebsen, when the actor passed away in 2003.
5Best mental by the general public for his starring function as the title character in Daniel Boone (1964).
6Met girlfriend Ebsen as soon as the two were under contract at Disney in 1954.
7Was the only actor to appear in every episode of Daniel Boone (1964).
8Interviewed about the starts of his career and also his "Davy Crockett" experiences in the publication "Wild Wild Westerners" by Tom Weaver (BearManor, 2012).
9Fess Parker had eleven grandchildren and a great-grandchild.
10Wanted to be cast opposite Marilyn Monroe in "Bus Stop" however could not overcome Walt Disney"s disapproval.
11He to be a major supporter that the Republican Party and also once taken into consideration running for the senate in Nevada. He to be a close friend of president Ronald Reagan, who in 1985 asked the to end up being his ambassador come Australia.
12Longtime friend of Ronald Reagan.
13Passed far on his wife"s 82nd birthday.
14Appeared together an uncredited extra in guy on a Tightrope (1953). That is watched for a few seconds near the end of the movie as a U.S. GI sit in a jeep guarding the border.
15Has 2 children, Fess Elisha III (Fess Parker) and Ashley Allen Rinehart.
16Parker talks about the starts of his career and the movie Them! (1954) in the book "A Sci-Fi Swarm and Horror Horde" (McFarland, 2010) by Tom Weaver.
17Best remembered by the public as Disney"s Davy Crockett.
18To one generation of tv fans the will always be Davy Crockett. Come the following generation he will be the one and only Daniel Boone.
19Song "King of the Wild Frontier" to be Number 1 ~ above the "Hit Parade" for 16 weeks. Parker to be paid $150. (source: interview with Fess Parker in the SF Chronicle, "Datebook" ("Pink") section, November 12, 2006).
20Walt Disney would not allow Parker the end of his contract, so he had to turn down a component in The Searchers (1956).
21At the moment he was famed in France because that his Davy Crockett and Daniel Boone roles, French distributors discovered they had to rename that - top top posters, in TV programmers...etc. - because that the French audience/ Public, into "Fier" Parker. One must know that "fesse(s)", in French, means "buttocks, bottom", whereas "fier" way "proud" ; a much more becoming surname for someone embodying American "Heroes"...
22Retired indigenous Hollywood in 1973; among his successful California businesses are an ocean-front will in Santa Barbara; a 21-room inn in Los Olivos; and an award-winning winery.
23Discovered by Adolphe Menjou who was a guest artist at the college of Texas when Fess was a student. Menjou helped him v formal introductions when he first got to Hollywood.
24Parker was called a Disney Legend in 1991.

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25Played university football in ~ Hardin-Simmons university in Abilene, TX in the 1940s prior to transferring to the college of Texas-Austin.
26Graduate of The college of Texas in ~ Austin - BA "50