A new EA season of online football kicks off later on this month. Wonder "who need to I play together on FIFA 16?" long after your genuine life next is got rid of from all competitions and also only play for pride? Ben Wilson has actually the answer...

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This week observed the demo release of FIFA 16 ~ above Sony and also Microsoft consoles – and also its boosted midfield play, punchier shooting and additional celebrations (we’ve already posed right into the pitchside camera much more than a dozen times) has actually only served to whet ours appetites because that the perfect version. Through that in mind, here are the 14 teams we can’t wait come play together in job mode and online once the game proper lands top top September 22...

Manchester City

The 90-rated finishing that Sergio Aguero, Raheem Sterling’s speed attribute that 92, David Silva and also Yaya Toure’s OVRs (overalls) that 87 and also 85 – the speaks quantities for the strength of Manchester City’s squad the Fabian Delph is rated as just their eighth-best midfielder. Expect to view a many these fellas in ranked virtual matches. And, as the old saying goes: if friend can’t to win ‘em...

Cover star Lionel Messi is once again the highest-rated player in the game, through an OVR of 94 and virtually perfect dribbling, ball control and balance statistics. Yet if your opponent doessucceed in preventing Leo, castle still have Luis Suarez (89), Neymar (87), Andres Iniesta (89) and Ivan Rakitic (84) to contend with. Prefer in actual life, this is a side packing one embarrassment that riches.


In enhancement to gift the whole British Isles’ topical darlings, kris Coleman’s online charges likewise present one of FIFA 16’s most challenging tactical conundrums: how best to utilise your multi-skilled, ballerina-toed, 87-rated cheat player? and no, we’re not referring come Hal Robson-Kanu.

Bayern Munich

Last year, England’s Premier League got bespoke, TV-broadcast style presentation for the first time. In FIFA 16, it’s the Bundesliga’s turn. Who much better to sample it with than a squad featuring no fewer 보다 eight football player rated 86 or higher, including two 90s in Arjen Robben and Manuel Neuer? In videogame terms, this is most likely the best German society side ever.

Germany Women

Think the men’s team is good? Wait ’til you check out the ladies’. Our first, behind-closed-doors play together the Deutsche Fußballnationalmannschaft der Frauen (catchy, no?) earlier in May finished in a 8-0 success over the USA – therefore it’s no surprised that your stats have been toned down. A front three of Nadine Kessler (OVR 89), Anja Mittag (84) and Celia Sasic (85) is the ingredient of nightmares forTorhüterinnenof any nationality.

New York City

Robbie Keane, Didier Drogba, Steven Gerrard, Kaka, Clint Dempsey: because that a reunion tour of FIFA favourites indigenous the critical 10 years, you’ll absolutely want to sample a season in the MLS. And with one 84-rated Andrea Pirlo and also 79-rated candid Lampard laying on chances for David Villa (80), the encourage team to perform it with can only it is in the huge Apple"s Manchester City/New York Yankees hybrid.


The Scottish Premiership is together a dead rubber these days that overseeing the Bhoys in career mode offers next-to-zero challenge. Even so, the green-and-white fifty percent of Glasgow need to still provide entertaining virtual matches thanks to two players v five-star ability sets in Gary Mackay-Steven and also Nadir Ciftci, and also the formidable engine room pairing of Scott Brown and also Kris Commons.


What’s this? A organization Two side? Well, yes. Fratton Park becomes the first ever fourth-tier stadium to be recreated within FIFA, in honour that series an innovative director Simon Humber – a Pompey supporter that passed away from ocular melanoma earlier this year, age 45. Its inclusion is a wonderful tribute native his former colleagues. If you’re in search of a long-term career mode challenge, this is the team come be.

Manchester United

Despite Manchester United’s sluggish start come the season, the Red Devils have actually 18 ‘gold’-rated football player in FIFA 16 –more than any kind of other club on the planet. Incredibly, 4 of those room goalkeepers (David de Gea, Victor Valdes, Anders Lindegaard – yes really, although once you"ve applied the upgrade he"ll hop end to West Bromwich Albion –and Sergio Romero). Suggestion: maybe, just maybe, carry out what Louis van Gaal didn’t and make commerce one (or even two) that those because that a striker your first career setting priority.


Unlike in actual life, there’s plenty come tempt budding managers into the Rangers warm seat in FIFA 16’s job mode. Regardless of their relegation Loftus roadway is tho in the game, Matt Phillips and Charlie Austin offer top-flight-calibre pace and finishing respectively, and also there’s a budget plan as big as Tony Fernandes’ smile to cover Premier organization loanees or a promotion-sealing January purchase spree.

Crystal Palace

The impacts of pace and also power have been toned down somewhat for FIFA 16, yet are still lethal when teams have them in abundance. Teams choose Alan Pardew’s Eagles. Bakary Sako, Yannick Bolasie and also Wilfried Zaha administer penetrating flank options, just made deadlier by Yohan Cabaye and Jason Puncheon’s string-pulling abilities through the center of the park.


Another club v their stadium featured for the first time, maintaining Eddie Howe’s side in the Premier league represents one of FIFA 16’s toughest career setting challenges. Yet it’s doable, thanks largely to one of the fastest front lines in the whole game: Christian Atsu (rated 92 for pace), Callum Wilson (91) and Max Gradel (88). Speed demons will love this south shore joyride.


The many intriguing club on offer must you sophisticated a job in France, having actually just kicked off a an initial Ligue 1 campaign in 21 years. V no player rated above 73, genuine top quality within the squad is scarce, but you can at the very least enjoy scoring objectives with possibly the best-named attacker in the entire game: Vilayphone Ketkeophomphone. Small wonder the prefers to be known as ‘Billy’.

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USA Women

Remember how we claimed the German women team’s ratings had been toned down over the summer? Unsurprisingly, opposing is true because that the Women’s world Cup champs. Three players (Carli Lloyd, Megan Rapinoe and Abby Wambach) have actually OVRs that 90+, and also keeper expect Solo is basically unbeatable with her 87 rating. Top top the evidence of the demo, they’re much more fun to play together than many of the men’s teams.