Peristeria is a highly renowned orchid.Flowers the this stunning orchid resemble a dove, hencecomes its common name, the Dove Orchid.

This orchid is additionally frequently referred to as the divine Spirit Orchid, or the holy Ghost Orchid.

Nicknamed “The Flower the the divine Spirit”, this orchid looks choose praying monks before blooming, and also then opens into a flower the in many cases looks remarkably like a dove.

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It can not be denied that that this beautiful orchids look really peaceful and elegant. That is the national flower the Panama, however, the dwells not just in Panama however in other nations of main America.


Peristeria dwell in rainforests, in high humidity as an waiting plant, growing in moss-grown tree trunks, close to the soil level.

This “flower the the holy spirit” can be discovered growing around the edge of the hardwood forests. Lock are frequently seen farming during the autumn which is the time once the tree of the hardwood forests shed their leaves.


In its organic habitat, these orchids grows just in the months of August and also September. Due to its unique form and beauty, these orchids have come to be really threatened in nature, near extinction.

The type species,Peristeria elata, has white flowers, famous for its distinctive column shape, resembling the dove’s head. The flower is fragrant and its main part resembles thedove’s body.

However, the smell coming out of these flowers is no sweet or sacred at all. In fact, it is stated to resemble the odor of beer!


This Flower the the holy Spiritis a large-sized orchid with big, ring pseudobulbs.A tires plant might have pseudobulbs the dimension of a child’s head. It generally has 3 to five leaves every pseudobulb. The flowers space long-lasting, and successively opened are about two inches wide.

Growing this orchid is no that challenging as that can thrive in warmth weather conditions. The does, though, require enough light every year round to develop blooms. The plant normally requires only moderate watering.


To encourage expansion when a brand-new pseudobulb is growing, hefty watering may be required for a duration of time. Once the tree slows under its rate of growth, you should reduce both the watering and also the enhancement of fertilizers as this may damage the health of the plant.

Lower night temperatures should encourage flower blooming come start.

Dove Orchids call for open and well drained pots include a growing medium of sphagnum moss, cocoa chips, and also tree fern.

Remember to provide the plant many water, shining sunlight, and also warm temperature if you want it to bloom in a healthy and balanced manner.

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