Retired boxing icon Floyd Mayweather Jr. Has available crestfallen UFC superstar Ronda Rousey some words that encouragement complying with her 2nd successive job defeat, which came versus Amanda Nunes in ~ UFC 207.

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In a video published through, Pretty boy told Rousey to "come back" amid speculation her loss come Nunes may prove come be she last bout in combined martial arts:

Below is a transcription of Mayweather"s pep talk:

Ronda Rousey, organize your head up, continue to be focused, store believing, a true champion have the right to bounce back. You’ll be OK, whatever will it is in OK.

I think that with her losing had a many to do with time off.


Ronda Rousey has a many left, she has a many left. Ns don’t desire her come think this is the finish of the world.

She’s hearing the from the best—she’ll it is in OK. Ronda Rousey, organize your head up. You’re tho a true champion in our eyes.

You do women’s MMA huge, so remain focused, go ago to the illustration board and do what you’ve got to do. 2017 is a whole brand-new year—you"re undefeated this year. Come back, champ.

Rousey has actually undoubtedly heard a wealth of advice from many different personalities on whereby to walk from here, but Mayweather might be one of the few whose indigenous of wisdom in reality take host with the previous UFC women"s bantamweight champion.

That being said, Mayweather isn"t talking from experience considering he hung up his gloves through a 49-0 experienced record, meaning he"s never had to suffer the very same trial Rousey herself is enduring.

Mayweather appeared as one unlikely source of advice because that Rousey, too, after the last took target at "Money" following her twin triumph at the 2015 ESPYs in July of that year, whereby she won finest Fighter and Best mrs Athlete.

TIME"s Tessa Berenson reported ~ above the jibe, once Rousey said, "I’d favor to check out you pretend come not know who ns am now" after Mayweather asserted to not know of she the previous year.


Rousey later defined the call-out come TMZ Sports:

However, with Rowdy now on the back of her second career defeat and facing a fight to re-enter combined martial arts, never ever mind recover her previous footing in the sport, it appears Mayweather has prolonged an olive branch.

It"s unknown regarding just wherein Rousey"s psychic is leaning in regards to where her blended martial art career will go from here, although she did write-up a confident message to her Instagram ~ above Tuesday:

Having once hosted her ar as the UFC"s poster child, no to cite one of its biggest-ever pay-per-view draws—there no factor to believe Rousey can"t take it Mayweather"s advice and come back to the Octagon she as soon as dominated.

The arm Collector might be doing not have in to trust and/or mental strength at present, however the size of she loss has actually been emphasised by also former bitter rival Cris "Cyborg" Santos giving words of encouragement.

Cyborg saw Rousey"s previously mentioned Instagram post, which took incentive from Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling, and responded (h/t Yahoo): 

I was sad to watch the loss of the sport"s star, however you have actually so lot ahead of you and blessed v the financial security to pursue all your passions. You opened up the door for much more promotion and grew right into a sports icon. Gain the next chapter of life and also know you"ve acquired amazing avenues to continue changing the world.

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With also former enemies raising their hands to assist Rousey through what"s arguably the toughest period in she career to date, there"s a chance we may see the broken icon make her return one day.