Along v N.C. State and Georgia Tech, Florida State encountered Wake forest on the gridiron in many of seasons prior to they joined the ACC in 1992. FSU holds a decisive sheet in the collection with a 30-7-1 in its entirety record, but Wake forest has winner 5 that the previous 14 games.

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While FSU rolled end Wake most of the 1990’s, Bobby Bowden’s crew looked to just escape through a win back in the 1998 game. V star quarterback kris Weinke the end for the season, Marcus Outzen (you might remember him together the Rooster) stepped in to lead FSU come a usually 24-7 win. Noles sacked Wake forest 7 times and also Mario Edwards had actually an eye-popping 4 interceptions in the victory.

Weinke reverted the following season and passed for 354 yards and also kicker Sebastian Janikowski nailed 4 field goals to proceed wire-to-wire prominence on the method to Florida State’s second National Championship.

Fighting for positioning in the BCS in 2000, #3 FSU topped wake 35-6 after leading simply 14-3 at halftime. Recipient Snoop Minnis caught 3 touchdowns, and also rising sophomore Anquan Boldin hauled in 2 himself.

In 2001, FSU made the 10-0 against the Demon Deacons as ACC foes. Second-year wake up head coach Jim Grobe was already showing promise as soon as his team jumped the end 14-0 in the first quarter the next year, in spite of falling 34-21. In 2003, FSU doubled up Wake woodland 48-24, the next year Xavier Beitia’s ar goal v a minute left lifted FSU 20-17, then the Noles make easy occupational of it again back at home in 2005.

But in 2006 came a terrible moment because that Florida State and also conversely one of the ideal wins in Wake woodland program history. As soon as they to be drilled 30-0 within Doak Campbell, FSU was shut out at residence for the an initial time due to the fact that 1973.

Wake talk the inert of the historical win earlier in Winston-Salem the year after, making use of a 17-0 second half run to beat the Seminoles again. To make it 3 in a row in 2008, they hosted FSU to just a measly 3 clues in a battle of field goals. A redshirt freshman E.J. Manuel winner his very first career start, leading an exceptional 41-28 power on the roadway that to be absolutely critical for FSU to maintain their an extensive winning season and bowl streaks.

Current Kentucky head coach and then-defensive coordinator mark Stoops was well top top his method to transforming around the FSU defense when FSU shut out the Demon Deacons 31-0 in 2010. Grobe ordered his 4th win in the collection in an uncomfortable 2011 win, v Wake leading the whole game. Mistakes doomed the Noles, who surrendered 5 turnovers and a safety.

Revenge to be sweet for running ago Chris Thompson (197 yards on simply 9 carries) and FSU, who dominated Wake woodland 52-0 one year later. Freshman defensive backs Jalen Ramsey and Nate Andrews each took one come the home in 2013, FSU made it 21 directly wins in a row behind Robert Aguayo in 2014, and also the Noles entered cruise manage in 2015 after Dalvin Cook’s 94-yard touchdown and also subsequent injury.

There wasn’t lot drama in Tallahassee in 2016 or 2018, but there certainly was in in between those two years in Jimbo Fisher’s last season that 2017. Sit at 0-2 after gift ranked #3 to begin the season, James Blackman damaged a 19-19 tie late when he linked with wideout Auden Tate because that a 40-yard game-winning touchdown v 53 secs left in the game.

Wake stung FSU again last season, a video game in the putting rain that sunk the wishes of the 2019 Seminoles. A back-and-forth dispute that came under to the last moments, Florida State couldn’t get over the sludge in Winston-Salem and fell 22-20.

Coincidently, the Demon Deacons took under FSU by the same exact 22-20 score in their third-ever meeting in 1959. The two squared off 3 times in the 1950’s. Lee Corso lugged the sphere 15 times with a touchdown and also was 5-of-8 happen in the first-ever conference in 1956, a 14-14 tie. Florida State started the same 11 on offense as they did on defense in their an initial win against Wake in 1958.

In the 4th meeting between the 2 programs, rookie FSU head coach invoice Peterson began a dominant streak over Wake Forest. Peterson go 6-0 matches the Noles future ACC Atlantic foe, and also he in reality led much more shut outs end Wake forest than Bobby Bowden did.

The to mark of the six straight wins was the stellar play that flanker Ron Sellers in the 1966 and 1968 matchups. An 86-yard touchdown capture by the FSU legend together a sophomore, and also the incredible, record-shattering performance as a senior: 14 receptions because that 260 yards and also 5 touchdowns! all three are still FSU career marks come this day.

A painful, winless season in 1973 because that the Noles began with an same painful 9-7 loss to wake Forest. Wake nailed a 41-yard field goal v a minute left in the video game for the win.

Flash front 19 years to the following game in between the two, only the fourth-ever ACC dispute in FSU history in 1992. Tamarick Vanover take it a kickoff come the home from 96 yards out and also caught a touchdown as well in the win.

Over the next 4 seasons from 1993 to 1996, Florida State outscored Wake woodland 226 come 34. Star tailback Warrick Dunn average over 9 yards-per-carry in his four games versus Wake, rushing because that 367 yards and also 5 touchdowns. The the next score at halftime in the four blowouts to be 28-7.

A staggering 17 Seminoles received an All-ACC an option in 1997, as soon as FSU moved to 10-0 with a 58-7 clobbering the the Demon Deacons. It to be 28-0 in the an initial quarter.

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Unfortunately, the 2020 season is over for both Florida State and also Wake Forest, together their Dec. 19 video game was canceled the day before the game amid optimistic COVID-19 tests. ACC Atlantic department members FSU and also Wake will not play for the an initial time because 1991.

Year-By-Year results (FSU 30 Wins, wake up 7 Wins, 1 Tie)

1956: Florida State 14, Wake woodland 14 (Tie)