About Wanna obtain to understand You

"Wanna gain to understand You" is a song videotaped by G-Unit. It was released in January 2004 together the third solitary from their 2003 debut album, Beg for Mercy.

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I want to gain to recognize youI really desire to f*ck you, babyI"m shed in her lovin"I"m just going to journey you , crazyI want to be your loverI want to obtain to recognize you, babyI"m shed in your lovin"I"m simply going to drive you , crazyI"m lovin" just how you look in mine eyesSwingin" castle hips once you passI"m visualizing my name tattooed on that ass babyJump top top this HarleyLets go smoke several of that Bob MarleySip some BacardiThen go pull up in ~ the ~ partyI think us make a perfect coupleBut girlfriend think I"m troubleMaybe that"s the factor you provided me the dorn numberShe acquired me feeling prefer "maybe she the not correct woman"Think I"m"a be chasin" the chicken head you own somethin"Your toe painted half fixed all the timeAnd your Gucci boots the same color as mineIf you read in between the currently you have the right to see the I want youI betcha I have you doin" what you stated that you won"t doMaking decisions shorty great things don"t critical longYour girlfriend store showin" me that thongBefore ns head homeI"ma stop at her house and blow the hornIf friend come exterior you recognize it"s onBitches be frustrated with the ballerWonder why i don"t speak to herMaybe since I"m busy and she needs someone come spoil herIt it s okay annoying native time come time ns gotta neglect herIn order come let her know we"ll it is in friends and nothing moreShe loves it when I"m in townHate it as soon as I"m no aroundI get her and also wear downNext door neighbors hear the soundPictures hittin" the groundJust enough to host us downI"m stickin" n" relocating cruising after the 3rd roundJust lay earlier baby and let me drive you crazyI have the right to make a 40 year old feel like a young ladyI recognize I fell in love through a frameAnd to do her feel one-of-a-kind I allow her speak to me through my government nameHer panties wet end fameFall in love through my chainI wonder if i wasn"t one entertainer would certainly she remainSurrounding me hounding me trying to be my onlyI"m not your boyfriend I"m her homie.<50 Cent>(Yeah) What would certainly f*ck me up moreWatching her lick she lipsOr watching her walk she hypnotize me with her hips (yeah) enthusiasm sweet talking her if she likeCause every she really desire is a nigga to treat her appropriate rightLook I"m legit currently used to rest lawsNow you can reap the benefit of civilization toursBig house huge Benz girl it yoursMink coats Italian pair of shoes stones through no flawsYou ain"t walk to look choose a version for me come adore youAll girlfriend gotta do is love me and be loyalDon"t Indulge in my past f*ck what happened prior to youCause your be some honies gonna dislike you that never saw youCome right here let mine touch top top you i let you touch on mePut my tongue on friend you put your tongue top top meLet me drive on you and you have the right to ride onWe can do it every the nightWe have the right to have a balla nightI want to be your lawyerI really want to safeguard you, babyI"m lost in your lovin"I"m just gonna shot you, crazyI desire to be her loverI desire to get to understand you, babyI"m lost in your lovin"I"m merely gonna try you, crazyI desire to be her loverI really have to stand you, babyI desire be your loverI really have to stand you, baby, baby, baby, baby.

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