GEORGIA TECH fast LANE BOWL main (includes tickets and travel info)

THE FLATS – Georgia technology football has embraced an invite to participate in the 2018 rapid Lane Bowl, where it will face Minnesota on Wednesday, Dec. 26, at Ford field in Detroit, Mich. Kickoff is set for 5:15 p.m. And also the video game will be televised nationally on ESPN.

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“We’re looking front to traveling to Detroit and also playing in the rapid Lane Bowl, whereby we’ll have actually the opportunity to play in one of the country’s best stadiums versus a big Ten opponent,” Georgia technology head coach Paul Johnson said. “Minnesota will current a an excellent challenge. I have a most respect for Coach Fleck and I’m sure he’ll have actually his team all set to play. Ns excited to have actually the possibility to coach this team one last time – it should be a great game.”

The fast Lane Bowl will certainly be Johnson’s last game together head coach that the Yellow Jackets. The announced last week the he is stepping under after 11 seasons at Georgia Tech and also 22 periods as a head coach. Johnson is the fourth-winningest coach in Georgia Tech background with 82 victories in ~ the helm that the Yellow Jackets. His 189 job victories rank fourth among NCAA division I FBS head coaches the were energetic in 2018 (behind only Notre Dame’s Brian Kelly – 252 wins, Alabama’s Nick Saban – 231 and Kansas State’s bill Snyder – 215).

Georgia technology (7-5) won 6 of its last eight games of the continuous season and also finished in second place in the Atlantic coast Conference seaside Division through a 5-3 ACC record. It marked the seventh time in Johnson’s 11 periods at Georgia tech that the Yellow Jackets finished either first or second in the seaside Division. Because 2008, the just other groups that have placed very first or 2nd in ACC divisional beat as many time as Georgia tech (7) space Clemson (9), Florida State (7) and also Virginia technology (7).


The rapid Lane Bowl will be Paul Johnson’s last video game as head coach at Georgia Tech.


Georgia technology urges pan to acquisition tickets native the GT athletics ticket office, rather than directly from the key or on the second market, for numerous reasons:

1) Georgia tech is financially responsible because that the tickets the it is allotted. Unsold tickets from the Georgia tech allotment need to be paid because that from GTAA funds that would certainly otherwise be directed to our sports programs.

2) ticket purchased with the Georgia tech ticket office is the only means to officially “count” the number of fans that travel to assistance the Yellow Jackets at a bowl game. That recorded support is a leading element when bowls are making your selections. Therefore, future bowl places will be influenced by the number of tickets that are purchased directly from Georgia technology this year.

3) purchase tickets v Georgia technology is the only way to guarantee being seated in a block with other Yellow Jackets fans.


The key appearance is Georgia Tech’s 45th all-time, which consists of berths in 20 of the critical 22 seasons and 9-of-11 seasons under head coach Paul Johnson.The Yellow Jackets’ 45 key appearances are the 13th-most in university football history.The Jackets space 25-19 all-time in key games, consisting of wins in two-straight and also three the its last 4 bowl appearances (21-7 end USC in the 2012 sun Bowl, 49-34 end No. 8 Mississippi State in the 2014 Orange Bowl and 33-18 over Kentucky in the 2016 TaxSlayer Bowl).

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This will certainly be Georgia Tech’s first-ever appearance in the fast Lane Bowl, i m sorry was established in 2014.Atlantic coastline Conference teams have actually played in three of the previous four fast Lane Bowls. ACC teams space 2-1 in the game (Duke d. Northern Illinois, 36-14, in 2017; Boston college d. Maryland, 36-30, in 2016; Rutgers d. Phibìc Carolina, 40-21, in 2014).Georgia tech will make its third-ever illustration in the state the Michigan and its very first since 1972. The Yellow Jackets space 1-1 in games played in Michigan – the Jackets to win No. 18 Michigan State, 21-16, ~ above Sept. 20, 1972 in eastern Lansing and also lost come Michigan, 9-2, on Oct. 20, 1934 in Ann Arbor.


Georgia Tech and Minnesota have actually never met on the gridiron.Georgia technology is 23-13 all-time versus present members the the huge Ten Conference yet only 6 of those matchups came versus teams the were large Ten members at the time of the video game (3-0 vs. Michigan State, 0-1 vs. Iowa, 0-1 vs. Michigan and also 0-1 vs. Purdue).Georgia Tech has actually not play a huge Ten opponent because it challenged Iowa in the 2009 FedEx Orange bowl (24-14 loss on Jan. 5, 2010).

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