Basketball games like the NBA Live Mobile have actually been around for a lengthy time. With every year bringing in a newer version the the video game with every little thing being the same except for most likely the enhancement of a couple of new players, jerseys, and also in-game purchase or microtransactions. A lot of people are very fed up with the exact same basketball ball every year and also have been searching for other games to gain their favourite sports. So, here’s a perform of 20 games favor NBA Live Mobile for PC and also Android the you deserve to play for cost-free or also purchase.

The an initial 10 games on the list room for mobile devices. For PC gamings you scroll down to view the list.

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Games like NBA Live Mobile for Android

There are plenty of games available to beat on mobile devices. We’ve picked the 10 finest games favor NBA Live for you come try.

1. Basketball Stars

Let’s start the perform of gamings like NBA cell phone Live with a good free game for mobile. Basketball Stars is all funny basketball video game that has very good 3D graphic that allows you play 1v1 matches or hoop battles where you need to shoot the highest number of hoops in a limited time.


You likewise have a wide selection of customization choices for your character and around 40 type of basketballs to pick from. Overall an entertaining video game that will get you hooked for hours. Basketball Stars has actually been emerged by Miniclip Games and was released in 2016. The video game is cost-free to download from the pat Store and weighs 69MB.

2. Basketball Arena: Online sporting activities Game

Second ~ above the list, we have the Basketball Arena game. An additional 1v1 real-time multiplayer game. It’s comparable to that of Basketball Stars yet has miscellaneous power-ups and also abilities for you to use while in a game. The power-ups aid you to block your enemy from being able to tackle you. The video game lets you unlock new courts and players and also has a career setting that you progress on.


Apart native that, you deserve to play through your friends that have associated their society accounts come the game. Friend can likewise create your tiny team and upgrade each player as and also when you rise your progress. The game has been emerged by Mosomo Gaming and was released in 2020. The video game is complimentary to beat on the beat Store and also weighs 144MB.

3. Dunk Shot

If you simply want to score some great hoops without any type of of the added basketball ingredient then, Dunk shooting is the finest game like NBA Live Mobile. This is a fun arcade video game that you have the right to play while on a rest or the ride ago home. It’s a an easy yet fun game.


You need to tap the sphere long sufficient to ensure it’s able to score a basket. Do keep in mind the this is a single-player game and it doesn’t require an internet connection to run. The game also lets girlfriend unlock an ext basketballs as well. The game has been developed by Ketchapp and was exit in 2017. The game is cost-free to download indigenous the play Store and also weighs 55MB.

4. Dunk Hit

Another arcade game as with Dunk Shot similar to NBA mobile Live. You need to tap on the round to score a basket. Not only that, you’ll need to continuously score a basket without absent it every time to knife bonus points. Also, the an ext you have the right to score the much better it is as you’ve got a limited time come rack a score.


The video game is a an excellent time passer and doesn’t call for you to think also much and play. Stress-free gaming simply for entertainment. The video game has been occurred by Voodoo and was released in 2017. The game is a single-player one that’s free to download and weighs 52MB.

5. Dude Perfect 2

Remember the YouTube males Dude Perfect? The men that perform miscellaneous trick shots and also sports challenges? they are ago with the second version of their basketball game. You get to shooting the hoops by using assorted kinds of cheat shot methods. Choose any kind of of the members from the Dude Perfect group to play throughout the game. The video game has new challenges and also a leaderboard to view who’s top top the top.


Apart indigenous that, you will be to unlock power-ups and also costumes that you have the right to make her character wear. The game currently has 199 levels from different human beings and much more to it is in dropping soon. The video game has been developed by Miniclip Games and was exit in 2015. The video game is free to download and also weighs 71MB.

6. Basketball Mania

Next in the perform of gamings like NBA Live Mobile, we have Basketball Mania. Ever been to the malls in your younger days and also played ~ above the good old arcade makers while her parents to be shopping around? Well, many thanks to Basketball Mania you can now relive that arcade device life. You obtain to pick the basketballs and shoot them with the hoops. The interface of the video game feels like an old arcade machine, paired v the lift music and other sound effects.

There space so many skins and themed settings for girlfriend to pick from every for free. Personally from simply tossing the sphere in the basket, the basket will additionally love party to do it a bit difficult for you to play. Over there are likewise a few matches where you have to score to ideal the target. The video game has been developed by mouse Games and also was exit in 2012. The game is totally free to download and weighs just 5.6MB.

7. Stickman Basketball 2017

Stickman gamings are back! and also this time in a basketball game like NBA Live Mobile.This is a fun and also fast-paced basketball game that you have the right to enjoy playing approximately with. There room 115 groups to choose from where you deserve to upgrade train and also lead her team to win by coming to be the best basketball team out there. There are various game modes together as rapid Game, Seasons, Leagues, Cups, Knockouts, tutorial Mode, and also a Graveyard special Mode.

The sound effects and also graphics room quite an excellent for a fast-paced game like this one. The game even has a unique party setting where 4 players can join in come play with friends. You can also make use of controllers come play the game. The game has been developed by Djinnworks GmbH and was released in 2016. The game is a free-to-play-paced basketball download the weighs 60MB.

8. Basketball Battle

Here’s a PvP arcade game that lets two players play together. Simply as the name argues it’s a fight match in between you and also your enemy to tackle the ball and also have the highest possible scores. If you wish, you might get in through your friend and have a split-screen compete itself. In terms of customization, you’ll be able to make changes to her character and even have the ability to upgrade her character as well.

There are assorted competitions in the game that you deserve to play and travel over the country. Friend can additionally choose to play ~ above 100s of courts in the game. The video game has been emerged by twin Tap Software and also was released in 2014. The game is cost-free to download and weighs 45MB.

9. Street Basketball Association

Street versions of sports gamings are always fun. Considering they have its very own rules and regulations, Street Basketball has actually made its name. The game lets friend play in a neighborhood multiplayer and online multiplayer mode. There space 5 game modes- rapid Game, League, Cups, Three-Point Contest, and Training Mode.

The graphics and also controls space pretty good. The video game is fun once you play through your friends. Apart from that, you’ll be able to share and also replay her gameplay clips with your girlfriend or upload them wherever you’d favor to do so. The video game has been arisen by ShakaChen and also was released in 2016. The game is cost-free to play and weighs 73MB.

10. Basketball Slam 2020

Here is a 2v2 video game that lets you shooting hoops top top a full-sized basketball court. The game is based upon the Basketball league that’s based in the Philippines recognized as the Philippines Basketball Association. There room 12 groups to choose from and also four guest groups as well. You obtain to play because that all nationwide championships and tournaments and win cups from them.

You are also able to pick your shoes and also arenas as well. Each time you carry out a slamdunk you’ll acquire various type of electrifying results that makes it watch good. The game has been emerged by Ranida Games and also was released in 2015. This is a free-to-play game with in-app purchases and weighs 83MB.

Games prefer NBA Live Mobile for PC

Here’s a list of 10 finest games favor NBA Live mobile BasketBall for computer that you can play on her PC. All of these games are easily accessible to download or purchase from Steam.

11. Browser-Based BasketBall Games

If you’ve obtained a low spec pc that doesn’t median you can’t reap games. Many thanks to Crazy games you deserve to now play a totality bunch of gamings right far on your browser and also on tablets due to the fact that of the display size. Though you could play castle in her mobile phone, the experience might not be the great. Friend have basic and fun single-player and also multiplayer games to play around 50+ games.

The game varies native performing slamdunks to other kinds the basketball-themed games. The gamings are cost-free to play and also have no limitations apart native a few games that can not be easily accessible for the time being.

12. VR shooting Around

Here is a basketball simulator that you can play in VR. You will have a an excellent time playing this game, even if you carry out not how to shooting or for the matter know much about basketball in general. The game has a throwing aid that will assist you to throw the ball properly and also also help you to secure part points. Over there is a the majority of customization choices for friend to pick from.

Like setup a custom video clip in the courts’ screen, adjusting the in salt size and its height, and additionally the color of the court. To play this game you will need to own a VR headset. The video game has been developed by BoninBlueDigitalLabrotary and was exit in 2017. The game expenses $4.99 and requires 500MB that storage. It’s among the best games similar to NBA Live Mobile.

13. Breeze Day Sports: pro Basketball 2021

Want to be a Basketball team manager? Then, breeze Day sports is the video game you should be spring at. You are the basic manager of your team and you acquire to select whom to sign to her team, that sits ~ above the bench, and who plays because that the match. You get to examine out various records and also stats in prior of you that can assist to break or form your team.

You likewise get to include various type of mods to this simulator, which provides the game a bit more interesting. The game has been arisen by Wolverine Studios and was exit in 2020. The game expenses $29.99 and also requires 500MB that space.

14. Basketball Classics

This one is a throwback to every the 80s and also 90s retro arcade gamings that you could have get an impressive up and enjoyed. The games can be identified as modern-day 8-bit basketball games. These gamings have streamlined controls and also a large roster of players of around 175+ teams. Girlfriend can also play 2 player split-screen games. If friend play the single-player story mode you will have the ability to unlock mystery teams because that the game.

The game has a basic 3 switch setup which should not be a headache at all. The nostalgic feel is what would certainly make anyone want to play these games. Well, the game has no in-game purchases and no currencies or micro-transactions of any type of sort. Just buy the game from steam for $9.99 and also enjoy every the content without security anything at all. The video game has been arisen by Namo Gamo and also was released in 2019.

15. Freestyle 2: Street Basketball

Street basketball is all around different rules and the arts of freestyling. Freestyle 2 is the next pick in the perform of finest games prefer NBA Live Mobile. Take the video game to the streets and as a beginner at your position on the court, you will have to prove that you room the best. You can additionally choose the progression based on your favorite playstyle. The game additionally features various kinds of tournaments and also crews because that you to join.

Well, the multiplayer component is wherein the fun starts as you shot to complete with other online players. The game has been occurred by Joycity and has been released in 2015. The game requires about 1GB of an are and is a free-to-play game on Steam.

16. Agree Basketball Manager 2021

Another Basketball management video game where you space the manager. You gain to select your team and be the coach. That course, as a coach, you will train her team but, in this game, you will also have to be providing them instructions throughout the live game and guide them come victory. Girlfriend will also be regulating the day-to-day expenses and also the finances that the team. You have the right to be the coach the a men’s or a women’s team.

Plus, the new 2021 game lets you choose from around 90 playable competitions and also has a player roster of around 25,000 football player from almost everywhere the world. Personal from simply doing managerial points in the game, you can likewise modify and also customize and also share it out with various other players via the steam Workshop. The video game has been arisen by Umix Studios and was exit in 2020. The game prices $24.99 and requires about 4GB of storage space.

17. Continual Human Basketball

Regular human being Basketball is yet an additional amazing different of NBA Live Mobile. Instead of having regular human us playing around on a basketball court you currently have large robots. This is a funny multiplayer party game that allows you control your giants, scream out commands, and shooting hoops in the many hilarious yet uncomfortable way.

If you’ve ever before wondered what would happen when robots and also AI take over the human populace and exactly how would they play games created by humans, this is what the world would like. The game has been emerged by Powerhoof and also was released in 2018. The game costs $4.99 on steam and requires approximately 2GB of storage space.

18. Pickup Basketball VR

Another VR sports game joins this list. This multiplayer video game lets friend play together 1 v1 or a 2v2 style. Like all other VR games, this is a funny experience and is an ext enjoyable if you’ve acquired your friends on the team. Despite you could always play roughly with the rest of the world. The game lets you choose your courts- playground, skyrise, and also gym.

Considering it’s a VR video game you will have a realistic suffer while dribbling, shooting, or scoring a three-pointer. Customization alternatives are4 plentiful. You can readjust your skin tones, face, hair, and your jersey together well. The video game has been emerged by Reving Games and also has simply been exit in 2021. The game is at this time in early access and expenses $9.99 and requires around 1GB of storage space.

19. Street Hoop

The next video game in the list of ideal games like NBA Live mobile is the Street Hoop. This is a retro game that was released in 1994 under the name Street Slam. The graphics and gameplay scream out the early on 90s games that were renowned on DOS device systems. Also the sound effects and animations lug out the old-school vibe.

To speak the least it’s a fun game to relive the 8-bit 80s and 90s vibe. This is a 2-PvP neighborhood multiplayer game. The video game has been introduced on steam in 2020 and been occurred by Data East. The game prices $4.99 and also requires 300MB of storage space.

20. Dunk Lords

Ending the perform of Basketball games is Dunk Lords. This isn’t just any type of ordinary basketball game where you run around a court and also shoot her hoops and win the game. This is a 2vs 2 game where you just don’t have to do basketball points but, you gain to to win your enemies up through making use of miscellaneous kinds the power-ups.

It’s a really fun Indie arcade game. You acquire to choose from 20 personalities which you have the right to use come trap about the football player or maybe also go ahead blast castle out together well. Friend can even purchase devices to make your character more powerful so the you can take out your adversary easily. The game has Arcade Mode, Story Mode, that, and also a Gauntlet Mode. Emerged by Story fort LLC and released in 2020 and costs $19.99.


So, these room the finest games favor NBA Live Mobile because that Android and also PC, you can enjoy personally from just playing NBA Live Mobile. That course, if you want you could always stick approximately with the enlarge NBA title till the brand-new one gets announced. Though ns don’t check out why would anyone desire to go earlier to the same repeated game and also just walk ahead and try other basketball games on Android and PC.

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If we’ve missed your favorite NBA Live mobile alternative, climate let us understand in the comment section. Also, share this article with her friends.