Discus and support Gears of war 4 won"t launch, black display after logo in XBoX ~ above Windows to resolve the problem; I moved Gears of battle 4 from mine C drive to my D drive together the game ended up being too huge with the updates. Now whenever ns launch the video game I receive a black...Discussion in "XBoX on Windows" began by CRAAGENSPLIEGAN, Jul 10, 2019.

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I moved Gears of war 4 from my C drive to mine D drive together the game came to be too large with the updates. Currently whenever ns launch the video game I receive a black display screen after the gears logo design fades out. Looking at my NVidea GeForce app, Windows seems to think Gears ofWar 4 is still situated in the C journey under the path:C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\Microsoft.SpartaUWP_14.3.0.2_x64__8wekyb3d8bbwe\The video game is definitly located within mine D drive, I have actually uninstalled and reinstalled 5-6 times, all motorists are as much as date and so is my version of home windows 10 :)

Hi,How space you attempting come launch the game? Via the GeForce Experience app or the Windows begin Menu? did you usage Windows to relocate the install to an additional drive, or go you move the papers manually?

Hi many thanks for taking the time. I’ve tried come launch native the home windows store, the xbox companion app and also from nvidea geforce, all result in black color screen. Moved the app using the move function in advanced settings indigenous the aol list, go not move manually

Hi,Try moving one of your other games to D: drive, if girlfriend don't have a home windows 10 store video game to move, try a vapor or other game. Move Gears 4 ago to C: and try launching the game again.Also, uneven you really require it, i would imply removing GeForce endure app, it's well-known to reason issues prefer this.Once Geforce is removed, put the game back on D: journey again.
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