As SEC east clashes go, the doesn"t acquire much far better than a matchup between Tennessee and Georgia.

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The fifth-ranked Bulldogs will certainly be looking come prove castle are among the nation"s upstream teams when they organize the volunteers on Saturday. Through games versus No. 6 south Carolina and also No. 11 Florida come come, the Bulldogs have to avoid losses in trap gamings such as this.

Meanwhile, Tennessee will certainly be feather to cracked the height 25 when again this season and prove they are still a pressure to be reckoned with in the SEC East, even with a loss to Florida currently this season. 

Two SEC groups with a lot to lose and even much more to obtain will do battle on Saturday. Let"s take a closer look in ~ the matchup.

Where: Sanford Stadium, Athens, Ga.

When: Saturday, September 29 in ~ 3:30 p.m. ET


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Betting Line: Georgia (-14), according to bet Online

Key Storyline

It might be a timeless rivalry, yet this one has "trap game" written all over it because that Georgia. With south Carolina looming a week later, might the Bulldogs it is in looking front to the showdown with the Gamecocks and overlook the Volunteers?

If they do, this one might get very, an extremely interesting.

Tennessee Injuries (via USA Today)

None come report.

Georgia Injuries (via USA Today)

None to report.

Top 25 Implications

For Georgia, a loss here would surely drop them the end of the peak 10 and also put a substantial dent in the team"s national championship aspirations. For the Volunteers, a success would propel them back to the Top-25 ranking they lost when they dropped to Florida.

What They"re Saying

For as good as Georgia has been this year, invoice King that The Atlanta Journal-Constitution is worried about special teams:

But punting returns continue to be too lot of one adventure. Mitchell’s decision-making has been sketchy, through the worst situation Saturday night being the punt he elected to capture deep in his own territory quite than letting it get in the finish zone because that a touchback. Yes, Georgia’s offense proceeded come rip turn off a 96-yard scoring drive, however that’s not generally where you want to start.

The various other troubling aspect of the kicking video game is in an area that must be automatic: PATs. Saturday observed one missed because of a high snap (which then was totally mishandled through kicker Marshall Morgan in a typical case of freshman-itis), and another kick went in, but only after banging into the score post. I get the emotion everyone associated is reasoning too much about PATs and also needs to relax a bit.

Meanwhile, Tennessee is struggling to sack the quarterback—it has just four on the season—which is a recurring problem, according to Steve Megargee that the connected Press (via The Tennessean):

Although the Vols say they’re rushing the passer better, convert schemes and also coordinators hasn’t changed Tennessee’s sack full much at all. The Vols space on the specific same speed as last season, when they taped 16 sacks in 12 gamings to rank 11th the end of 12 SEC teams.

“It’s not where I desire to be,” protective coordinator Sal Sunseri said. “The thing is, we have to get better at that. Civilization are carrying the sphere fast. You’ve got to get your hands up, and we’ve got to have actually tighter coverage, but we’ve obtained to acquire that (pass rush) going too.”

Tennessee Player to Watch: Tyler Bray, QB

There"s no question Tennessee has actually the receivers and also quarterback to litter the sphere around. Bray has already thrown for 1,301 yards and 12 touchdowns (to just three interceptions) in 4 games.

But 2 of those interceptions came in the Vols loss come Florida, quickly Bray"s worst power of the season. He likewise threw for season lows in yards (257) and completion portion (50.0) in the contest.

Now, Tennessee can"t simply become one-dimensional against a heavy Georgia defense. If that can"t establish any running game at all, the won"t to win the Bulldogs. But Bray has to be the best player ~ above the field if Tennessee is come pull off the upset. If over there is one area ~ above defense that Georgia is a little bit susceptible, it"s in coverage, so Bray should be able to move the ball.

However, if he has actually a down game against Georgia—or the offensive line can"t safeguard him—it will certainly be a lengthy afternoon for the Vols.

Georgia football player to Watch: Michael Bennett, Tavarres King and Marlon Brown

We recognize Georgia have the right to run the ball (18th in the nation) and also play solid defense. We likewise know the Florida gashed Tennessee in the to run game, rushing because that 336 yards in the Vols" lone lose this season, so Georgia will want to create the ground video game early.

What renders Georgia therefore scary is the team"s balance, and the pat of quarterback Aaron Murray and also his trio of dangerous broad receivers.

After 4 games, the three have combined for 49 receptions, 1,108 yards and also eight touchdowns. Offered the threat they pose out wide, Tennessee won"t have the ability to stack the box and focus on stopping the run, an interpretation Todd Gurley and Keith Marshall might be in line because that a big day on the ground.

Key Matchup: Tennessee Front 7 vs. Georgia to run Game

This is a carry-over from the vault section, and also for great reason—Georgia is wonderful at to run the ball, and also as we learned in the Florida loss, Tennessee can be to win by a an excellent ground game.

The formula for winning SEC gamings is normally pretty simple—the team the runs the ball and stops the run usually wins. SEC games may attribute a smattering of elite athletes ~ above the outside, however the gamings are almost always figured out in the trenches.

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If Georgia dominates time of possession by running the sphere efficiently, executing on 3rd down and also protecting the rock, it will certainly win, plain and simple. Yet if Tennessee can stymie the running attack and also force Georgia to come to be a pass team, it will certainly stand a chance.


Tennessee will certainly fight, and also I think this will certainly be a close, competitive contest. However, expecting the Vols to travel right into Athens and also upset a more talented team is too lot to ask. The Bulldogs win, 27-17.