Discharge Instructions: providing an Intramuscular (IM) Injection in the Buttock

Your health treatment provider has prescribed a medicine that should be given by intramuscular (IM) injection. Ns injections use a needle and also syringe to provide medication to large muscles in your body. Im injections space usually provided in the buttock, thigh, hip, or top arm.

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You were presented how to perform an ns injection in the hospital. If you did not receive an indict sheet spanning those general steps, ask because that one. This paper is to remind you or her caregiver how to give an ns injection in the buttock. Injections in the buttock area are also called gluteus medius or dorsogluteal injections. Giving an injection in this area the the body needs the assist of one more person.



Name of your medication: ____________________________________________.

Amount every injection: ___________________________________________.

Times every day: __________________________________________.

Before friend Begin

Wash her hands extensively before and after every IM injections.

Prepare her medication together you were displayed by the medical professional or nurse.

Locate and also Prepare an Injection Site

Start by splitting the buttock into 4 quarters. Very first divide the buttock in fifty percent from optimal to bottom and also then in half from side to side.

The injection will be given in the upper external quarter. Girlfriend should be able to feel a curved bone in this quarter. The injection will go in this quarter listed below the curved bone.

Prepare the website as girlfriend were shown by your physician or nurse. (See the basic instruction sheet on giving yourself an im injection. If you did not obtain this sheet, ask because that one.)

Inject the Medication

Stretch the skin tight.

Hold the syringe choose a dart. Insert the needle at a ideal (90°) edge to her skin.

Give no much more than 3 ml (or cc) of medication in this site. If the prescribed sheep is much more than 3 ml, you will need to give the injection in 2 parts.

Dispose the the materials as friend were shown by her doctor or nurse.

Wash her hands.

Medicine the comes in a container because that a solitary dose need to be used only 1 time. If you use the container a second time, that may have actually germs in it the can reason illness. This illnesses include hepatitis B and C. They likewise include epidemic of the brain or spinal cord (meningitis and also epidural abscess).

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Make a follow-up appointment as directed by our staff.


When to speak to Your Health care Provider

Call her health care provider appropriate away if friend have any type of of the following: