Girl Meets world returns and things aren’t every sunshine, rainbows, and just catching up. Farming pains room the focus and also whether or not people grow v you.

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Main Plot (with Commentary)

Topic 1: dad Isn’t over there (Ava)

For rather some time it has actually been developed Ava’s parents no happy. They have actually been fighting since the an initial season and honestly, it shows just how this affects Ava in regards to her partnership with the Matthews and especially Auggie. She has actually been demanding, controlling, and even fully jealous when it pertains to Auggie, and one can argue this all comes from the instability the her residence life. Something which transforms this episode for, choose in Maya’s past, her dad decides come leave. Something i m sorry the young actress that plays Ava exhibits fine from the final fight to she dad officially being done.

But as lot as Ava and Auggie no the main emphasis of the show, you need to admire how their storyline is handled. To me, particularly in light of us meeting Ava’s mother in one episode, and it gift clear just how much that an influence she has actually on her, the is exciting to see how the girl evolved. As soon as it involves her relationship with Topanga and also Auggie, she has learned to trust Auggie, also if she decides come hand him a prenup the end of fear they’ll end up like her parents, and when it comes to Topanga, i think there is a deeper relationship than regularly given credit transaction for. For i think it is comes to that suggest where she is establish her mommy is she mom, yet Topanga is a much happier person and perhaps is a far better person to design off of. Which has when it concerns her relationship, or simply plain puppy love, v Auggie. She no yell and also scream as much, and also while she remains sometimes insecure, like giving Auggie a prenup when they space in 2nd grade, she is more and much more realizing the Auggie, choose his father, is a catch. One that she doesn’t need to fight v to prove they care for one another, nor need to she mean him to simply roll end just since she desires something or is upset.

Also, in a way, many of Auggie’s growth, to me, is centered about Ava. For, together she goes v what Maya once did, him holding she hand, consoling her, and also being whatever you would think about these two, is just so touching and shows more emotional maturity than occasionally you may expect from someone so young. Making it where, in spite of Topanga’s words come her, Maya’s, and even Cory chiming in once it pertains to consoling her, Auggie and also Ava’s moment is maybe the many precious. Also with Ava talk about, without a second thought, how she expects Topanga and Cory come live v her and Auggie once they gain old.

Topic 2: an initial Day of High college (Riley, Lucas, and Maya)

While the kiddies room having growing pains, so space the now high institution kids. Most of which seem fine, at first since they have each other. However, between the awkwardness of both Riley and Maya wanting to be described as Lucas’ girlfriend, to seniors who pseudo-bully the kids, their an initial day no heaven. Though perhaps the biggest concern is that none feel prepared. Which, naturally, castle blame Cory for because he has babied them therefore much and also now they find for good people, lessons, and also are filled v this positive outlook which has easily evaporated. Well, at the very least in mostly everyone however Riley.

Topic 3: grounding In A feet (Riley, Maya, Farkle, and Lucas)

The aforementioned seniors, that I don’t think even gave your name, might seem choose bullies to most of the group, but this might not it is in true. If anything, they space trying to teach a harsh lesson. One which begins with pressuring Riley’s group to enter the hole, a place downstairs which pipeline everyone spring up. This bothers Lucas, especially, in ~ first, for he feels he is gift picked on yet Riley smiles and also tries to think of what great the seniors space trying to teach. His discontent though doesn’t permit him execute as Maya and also just go together with Riley’s eccentric assumed process. ~ a specific point, that grows worn down of being treated 2nd rate and basically division off native the group. Miscellaneous Farkle, through girlfriend Smackle, joins in for, to them, while they are smaller than anyone else, they also feel like following Riley is maintaining them from experiencing things. Which leader to the great it seems the seniors are trying come teach.

One that them deals with the truth that this big wonderful group you had, it isn’t going to critical forever. People grow, as Cory speak Ava around her parents, and with this, they readjust and sometimes civilization don’t adjust and continue to be together. Periodically they adjust and thrive apart. Though what provides matters negative is that everyone to know Riley is choose this, and also Riley refuses to change yet appears to suppose everyone come stick around. In a way, that Riley I always criticized, the one who thinks the world revolves around her and acts therefore entitled, the is the human who mirrors up. Which, based off the way Farkle talks, no one however Maya might be ready to put up v as much. And let’s it is in real, Maya’s commitment may constantly be since the different to leaving Riley is no worth it considering all she would shed in the process.

Leading come the second lesson which deals with taking her time. Riley, unlike those so sure of themselves like Lucas who desires to acquire into sports, or Farkle and also Smackle who have actually been an excellent at college student all their lives, doesn’t have a niche. Riley has emotional intelligence, however she has actually them in specific areas i beg your pardon don’t attach to do her seem fully able to manage the civilization outside of she bubble. So, in a way, that is why the seniors want her in the hole. She requirements to absorb, observe, and see whereby she fits in. Run in as well fast and also maybe she’ll acquire stuck in miscellaneous she finds the end she never liked. Go through high school and only explore scholastic clubs or stuff prefer sports, and also then girlfriend will miss out on so much of the experience. Which i think is just how the seniors feel. Through them being nostalgic top top their final year, they want these team of freshman to endure as lot as possible as they trip to your status.

Things to Note

Cory is having a tough time adapting to teaching in High School. Well, at least when it involves dealing v this character named Marly.

Review Summary

Question(s) Left Unanswered

Why is it that when Cory to be told his students, and his kid, to be being bullied, it didn’t acquire a climb out that him in ~ all?


Ava’s storyline, while a slightly much more fleshed out version of Maya’s past, yes, really hit hard and got me teary eyed in means I no think that child might do.

There was something around Riley realizing that she is having actually a genuine fight with her friends, and also could actually lose them, including being teary eyed, which likewise was a significant showing of the actors’ talent in this series. Because that while I have actually never to be a big Riley fan, at the same time i do think Rowan Blanchard, knows just how to screen the farming pains the a sheltered girl breaking far from the coddling she is supplied to and dealing with a human being which no going to bending to she whims. Lot less, has actually no problem telling her the her thoughts, logic, and also actions, room either wrong or make no sense.

Speaking the Maya and also Ava comparisons, I type of like exactly how you have the right to imagine, if probably Ava and also Auggie don’t end up romantic, they might have a Maya and also Riley type of relationship. Currently in the sense of someone through their head in the clouds and also another that is dead set on Earth, but more so they have the kind of partnership where they simply accept one another and this no a reason or require for them to remind the other human they room going come stick around. Auggie, in spite of the prenup nonsense, doesn’t gain offended and also tries to do a case, simply as lot as Maya doesn’t start saying, together everyone abandons Riley, the she isn’t going anywhere.

It was good to still watch Smackle and Farkle together, and also Zay to make an appearance.

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Low Points

The way the love triangle is gift handled, as a running gag virtually now, bothers me. Like as soon as Lucas needs to introduce both Maya and also Riley as his girlfriend; Maya questioning, after Marly starts something through Riley, exactly how is she in a love triangle v her; and even Smackle saying she desires to join since it most likely is a an ext consistent focus than her character.