global superstar Gloria Estefan is a Grammy Award-winning singer, actress, songwriter, writer of two new York times best-selling children books, philanthropist, and also humanitarian. She is thought about one the the world most recognizable and also beloved performers. Billboard magazine considers her the solitary most successful Latin crossover artist in music history. She been awarded with seven Grammy Awards, and also Oscar-nominated power for the song Music of my Heart, a Star on the Hollywood go of Fame, an American Music compensation for life time achievement, an induction right into the Latin Songwriters hall of Fame, an Ellis Island Medal the Honor, a nationwide Artistic success Award native the U.S. Congress, among many others. Most recently, chairman Obama honored ilio and Gloria Estefan with the Presidential Medal that Freedom, the nation"s highest civilian honor, presented to people who have actually made meritorious contribute to the joined States, to civilization peace, and also to social endeavors. On her Feet! is the Tony Award- nominated Broadway musical based upon the lives and also music of ilio and Gloria Estefan. Together Executive Producers, the is the story that two world who-through an unwavering dedication to one another and also their quest of the American dream-showcased their talent, their music, and also their heritage come the people in a impressive rise to global superstardom. Because opening, On her Feet! has received rave vital reviews and also nominations for Tony Awards, Outer critics Circle Awards, and Drama league Awards. Having actually sold much more than 100 million documents worldwide, Gloria along with her husband ilio, room successful entrepreneurs owning and also operating numerous business, which incorporate a around the world recognized music publishing agency and a hospitality division that consists of seven restaurants and two many hotels (the Cardozo Hotel on south Beach and also Costa d"Este Beach resort in Vero Beach). The Estefans are likewise the an initial Cuban American pair to own a minority share in a major NFL franchise, the Miami Dolphins.


Vaccination and Mask Policy

Effective November 15, 2021

To ensure ours patrons’ health and also security, as well as the security of our performers and also staff, the Kennedy center has implemented the following policy:

Proof of full vaccination against COVID-19 and also a valid photograph ID are forced to attend all indoor performances and also events in ~ the Kennedy Center.

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Unvaccinated youngsters under 12 years of age and patrons with a medical condition or a closely-held spiritual belief that prevents vaccination, must administer either proof of a negative COVID-19 PCR test performed no more than 72 hrs prior come attending an at home performance, or proof of a professionally administered Antigen test conducted no much more than 6 hrs prior come attending an at home performance. Please view the complete COVID safety plan for much more information ~ above what is accepted.

Masks are forced at all times for all patrons and also visitors regardless of vaccination condition in all indoor spaces in ~ the Kennedy Center.

Ticket purchasers space responsible for interacting these rule to whomever they carry out tickets. Power ticket holders who perform not comply v these plans will no be admitted.

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Review the full policy details and requirements

To go into our theaters, patrons must display proof lock are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 - v a physics or digital copy the their inoculation card and government-issued ID through the very same name. Fully vaccinated means 14 days have passed due to the fact that the full dose that a vaccine.Masks are required for all audiences within the Kennedy Center, except while eat or drinking in designated locations.Ticket purchasers are responsible for connecting these rule to whomever they carry out tickets.The vaccine requirement also applies to performers and staff.

See the complete COVID security Plan