Why is God Eater 2 rage Burst so lot worse 보다 God Eater Resurrection in nearly every feasible way?

I to be SO disappointed because I relocated on to GE2RB ~ GER... Lemme just count the ways:

Voice / message doesn't complement up. This is such a an easy standard i can't also wrap mine head about just exactly how stupid it is the what is being stated in the audio is often completely different to the text claimed to stand for it on-screen. It isn't favor the agency doesn't know just how to perform this right, since Resurrection had actually it just fine.... But apparently for rage Burst, even the most straightforward consistency in language to be too lot of a chore to put in. ¬_¬

The practice bullets. Ns guess the is other to execute with the blood bullet system... But I'd obtained kinda supplied to having actually 8-module HRH bullets and also the favor that worked pretty fine regardless of which gun I placed them on. Now suddenly the module numbers have actually been gutted, the choices for making bullets have actually been gutted... Everything around it has actually been nerfed come the point where I'm not entirely sure why ns bother with custom bullets in ~ all...... Oh wait... Due to the fact that melee still suck for damage. Hunts now just take inordinately longer than they supplied to. Not only that however the absence of non-elemental bullet choices is just an extra maggot in the suck-pie.

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The continuous screen glitching. Walking around the lobby locations outside that the missions practically always outcomes in a monster displaced bar of glitchiness across the center of the screen... I have actually no idea what caused this, however it is blatant enough that I'd have actually figured someone would have had the sense to patch it. They simply don't also care.

The key-binding constraints were a wreck also in GER... I'm not sure whether this has actually really obtained worse or was constantly this bad... However it is gaining quite intolerable now. Some features can be adjusted while others can't. An unified button attributes can't be collection to other combinations other than by remapping the parental buttons too, i beg your pardon defeats the entire purpose. Other features are locked come the default button, fairly than the duty which was remapped. No matter what i do, ns can't eliminate the guard duty from running and stepping in ~ the very same time. Ns switched the Run and also Aim buttons approximately for lull of use (the default is ludicrously awkward), however apparently Melee Lock-On is still fixed to LB ... So currently I can't operation in melee type without auto-locking to the nearest enemy, and also I can't break that lock without switching back to gun. Nothing quite like trying come fight a medium adjacent aragami while the camera is locked top top a coccoon halfway across the map.

The menus no longer break-up down by weapon type. No an ext short blade, lengthy blade, buster blade, etc. I need to just scroll v a single combined perform of every melee weapons, every guns, etc... Which has actually yet again do organisation and inventory management a freaking chore.

Friendly fire has somehow obtained worse. Part smartarse apparently decided it would certainly be funny to offer Kanon radial rounds... And also she isn't the only one. The rabbit-thing and Gil space both relatively prolific offenders. Ns barely even noticed familiar fire many of the time in Resurrection... But now due to the fact that the just real alternative for obtaining maximum loot from a quest is to bring both Kanon and also Alt-Kanon, every attempt to obtain into melee variety inevitably results in gift blasted ago out again. Earlier today ns couldn't land a single devour because that burst setting for the entirety of the hunt since the twin Kanons continuous FFed me with freakin flamethrowers, and Gil was shooting away prefer a madman besides. Together a an outcome I've quite much had to will to using the Scythe solely for my melee due to the fact that it is the just one that have the right to melee from exterior the Kanon knockback zone. I used to prefer Kanon... However she has become an absolute liability.

Why no Devour styles, or every little thing they to be called? For the matter, why is the Run switch + Y no much longer doing quick-devour? I'm forced to combo-devour to get loot from corpses (which takes a few tries v some weapons due to the fact that I misjudge the street needed). I miss out on the an elaborate devour tricks native GER...

NPC targeting for communication is everywhere the shop. I confront NPC A and click, and also NPC B starts talking instead. Part idiot stands in front of the monitor screen and also when i go as much as them, face them and click on them, it opens the videos / extra contents stuff instead. If NPCs room gathered in a group and I want to speak to any kind of of them, it generally entails trying to prance around the team at every feasible angle to find a method of interacting with among them because simply dealing with them targets a fully different person behind me or something... That is together a nuisance I've stopped even bothering to speak to NPCs if ns don't have actually to... Which has exacerbated the next problem:

Knowing who to talk to in order to advancement the questline... Apparently periodically I can't simply go up to the pursuit counter and get a quest because they want me to speak to someone first... Yet they won't tell me who, nor where to discover them. For this reason I'm left through no selection but to go roughly the whole base, hear to every these useless degenerates prattle on about capybaras or everything until I've finally talked to everyone, have no idea if noþeles changed, and then go earlier to the quest desk to find the new quest has actually opened up. I don't know just how they've messed this increase so badly... Since Resurrection to be perfectly intuitive in this regard.

Where did the jiggle go? ... Young quibble, however I really chosen the... Erm... Gainaxing of several characters in Resurrection. However now the only things that relocate are very occasional posts of clothing. Did someone complain around the jiggle-physics in the original such that they decided to omit that from the sequel? ... Only the pink-haired lady who is therefore infrequent ns can't remember she name ever before gets any kind of motion in she hills.

I've currently complained in a different thread around the uselessness the the import feature... That apparently got abandoned before release due to the fact that the localisers or the devs or every little thing are a bunch of lazy, useless cunts. I want my GER character featured in GE2RB somehow... But no such luck.


... My frustration with this video game is stability escalating... I'm not sure I'll even be able to force myself to complete it in ~ this rate.

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At least the one character i hated in reality died. But being a Japanese game it won't enable me to give of their death. In truth the complete lack of cost-free will nor any sort of company whatsoever undermines the an extremely point of having actually a supposedly custom character. Therefore poorly done...