The Light of Alfheim is the fourth story primary search in God of War (2018, PS4). This walkthrough will overview you via all objectives of The Light of Alfheim Main Quest.

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Find a Way to the Light

Travel down the bridge until you enrespond to some huge pink tentacle-like vines. There will certainly be a glowing orb in the middle of the vine. Throw the axe via the orb to ruin the vines, and also clear your course. Continue dvery own the route, damaging the vines as you go. You will certainly likewise run right into dark elves for the initially time. They have the right to be irritating through their fast assaults and capability to fly. The simplest strategy of managing them is to usage Atreus’s bow shots to stun them and also usage a stun finisher making use of the R3 button. Deal via dark elves, destroy vines, and also continue to follow the course till you reach Sindri’s shop on the beach. Look to your left to find a boat that is wrapped in tentacle vines that you have to destroy to continue.

Free the Boat

Circle around the tree to the left so that you deserve to line up all three glowing orbs in a row, then throw your axe with all 3 at once. If you miss and also don’t gain all 3, the orbs will regenerate and you will have to attempt aget. If you hit all 3, the watercraft will certainly be freed. Interact via it to press it dvery own the beach and right into the water.

Get to the Ringed Temple

Paddle the canoe down the river until you reach the Lake of Light. Pull up to the dock directly in front of you. Atreus will run to the sand bowl on the platform and also find that tbelow aren’t any kind of runes in the location to offer you a clue what to create. You’ll have to get earlier in the watercraft and also look for the clue. Continue to the north-eastern, and also dock in front of the holy place. Watch a cinematic, then confront off versus a bunch of dark elves. To the left and best of the dock will be 2 huge wheels to crank downwards. Each one will certainly raise a section of the bridge. When both are elevated, Atreus will certainly comment that the shape of them together creates a rune.

Find a Way Into the Temple

Go ago to the sand table and Atreus will comment that the pillars and also ring that you have actually just raised form an elvish rune, then he will certainly usage it to activate the sand also table. The pillars will certainly spread acomponent to expose a big underground location, and also the platdevelop you are standing on will certainly begin to descend right into the Ringed Temple Trench. Tbelow will be a short cinematic that leads into a fight through a large variety of dark elves.

Reactivate the Ringed Temple Bridge

After the dark elves are dead, follow the course to the northeastern to fight a couple of even more dark elves. On the ideal side of the trench will be an additional wheel to crank, leading to the floor on both the left and ideal sides of the trench to be lowered. Throw your axe at the gear to the northwest to freeze the platdevelop in area, and then go with the tunnel to the left of the equipment that was revealed when the platform lowered. Once in the tunnel, respeak to your axe. In the following room will certainly be another wheel to reduced the platforms behind you if you desire to go earlier. Instead continue to the east, and come out in a room through even more tentacle vines to destroy. Aget, line up all of the glowing orbs then throw your axe via all of them to clear your course forward. Boost Atreus up, then climb as much as cause another cinematic and another dark elf fight. You’ll immediately begin the fight in Spartan Rage which will certainly reprimary energetic for the entire fight, so manipulate it.

Once all the dark elves are dead, method the best wall to get an interaction prompt which will certainly trigger a brief cinematic followed by a quicktime occasion where you hammer the circle button to reason a section of the wall to autumn down developing a course forward. Tright here will be another brief cinematic which will certainly lead into one more dark elf fight. This time, you’ll be earlier to your continual attacks so aget use Atreus’s arrows to aid you to easily stun the elves.

Follow the waysuggest to the north and also go through the door right into another circular room, then via an additional door to the eastern. Drop down to the bridge below you, and also kill some tentacle vines to cause the light bridges to reshow up. Go across the bridge, then rotate left and climb the crack in the wall under the blue crystal above you. You will aobtain fight some dark elves, and also also a Stone Ancient! These brand-new adversaries are big rock creatures that are resistant to damage. Wait until their chest opens up up for their assault, then do a heavy throw through your Leviathan Axe to damage it, and automatically roll away to avoid their beam. Damaging their open up chest will certainly reason tiny stones to fly out. Pick them up off the ground and also throw them back at the prehistoric to stun them (Note that you don’t have to wait for their chest to open up to usage these stones, however it is still even more effective to perform so.) Kill dark elves to get wellness drops if you run low on life throughout the fight.

Follow the waypoint to a big tentacle vine and communicate utilizing the circle button to cost-free the main bridge over you.

Go Back Up to the Ringed Temple Bridge

Follow the light bridge to the west, and also via a door to a circular room via an elevator in the facility. Use the elevator to return outdoors.

Go into the Temple

Run up the primary bridge to the northeast in the direction of the Ringed Temple. When you reach the other side of the bridge, you’ll see that the door ahead of you is sealed.

Find Anvarious other Way Into the Temple

Follow the course to the best of the sealed door. The route will take you dvery own some stairs to Sindri’s shop. To the left of the shop, next to the stairs will be a little unstable tunnel leading right into the holy place. Drop dvery own to the path below, and fight a large number of dark elves. Follow the wayallude, killing dark elves as you go, till you eventually reach a collection of gaps to jump across. Then turn left and also climb up to a ledge over you, and also jump across a gap to a handhold on a wall. Shimmy to the ideal, adhering to the handholds through a circular gap in the wall to the right. Continue right across the wall till the wall turns to the appropriate, then climb up to the optimal of the wall and fight even more dark elves.

Find a Way Into the Hive

After all the dark elves are dead, throw your axe at the red glowing location on the wall to cause a toothlike cage to retract, revealing a red fleshy tentacle beneath. Interact via it to cause a brand-new light bridge to show up. Go throughout the bridge, and also follow the course to the left, killing some nightmares. At some point the route will lead you back to an additional platform with dark elves and another toothlike structure. Kill the elves, and also aget damage the huge tentacle to reason yet another light bridge to appear. Go across the bridge and also continue to follow the route to the left, which will cause a ramp upwards.

Break Into the Hive

At the top are three groups of 3 tentacles each that you deserve to line up and also damage via an axe throw. Once all 3 sets are damaged the course into the Hive will certainly be opened.

Investigate the Hive

Go via the newly revealed tunnel into the Hive. Follow the wayallude to a crack in the wall to climb up, then follow the course via a tunnel until you reach the Light of Alfheim.

Destroy the Hive and Claim the Light

Follow the route upwards to the left. At the height will certainly be an additional tooth/tentacle combo that you will have to destroy. This time, instead of a bridge, it will reason the Hive to begin to collapse. Drop to the bridge below and also create a cinematic that leads to a big dark elf fight. Follow the path, killing elves as you go. Try to not get hung up on the endless waves of elves, and keep pressing forwards. Luckily these dark elves are extremely weak, enabling you to power via them conveniently. At the end of the course, destroy another tentacle and it will certainly create a cinematic. You will land also on a platform ideal alongside the Light of Alfheim. There will certainly be a long cinematic, which leads to a dreamlike sequence. Tright here is just one path through the dream, and also the only point you can do is move forwards.

At some point you will certainly go back to the platform, bringing with you the Light of Alfheim. The cinematic will certainly show you use the light to Atreus’s bow, permitting you to create light bridges by firing light arrows at the large blue crystals attached to walls. Immediately after the cinematic, shoot a light arrow at the blue crystal across from you to create a light bridge forwards.

Find a Way Out of the Temple

Travel over the light bridge and also follow the course forwards, dropping dvery own to the platcreates below. You’ll uncover yourself on a semi-circular platdevelop through a big blue crystal lying on the ground, and also two exceptionally obvious sockets for you to pick it up and also plug it in. Plug the crystal right into the socket that is on the edge of the platcreate and have actually Atreus shoot it with light arrows to create an additional bridge. Climb up and go over the light bridge, then follow the platcreate to the ideal. Have Atreus shoot the two crystals throughout the gap, producing bridges. Go across the bridge to the left, follow the platcreate across the gap to the best, then come back throughout the second bridge. When you are halfmethod throughout, turn approximately and look up and also to the southwest. Tbelow are 3 tentacle orbs to line up, and kill with one axe throw. This will certainly totally free up a crystal over you, which Atreus should currently activate. Destroy the continuing to be tentacle orb on the north wall to expose a crack that you deserve to climb up to the top level. At the height, fight another wave of dark elves.

Go over the freshly produced light bridge to the southern, and also climb the stairs at the end of the route. At the top of the stairs will certainly be a pressure area blocking an archmethod. Look up at the peak of the archmethod, and you’ll watch a blue crystal hanging over the door. Throw your axe at the circular wooden taracquire at its center to cause the force area to drop, and also the crystal to autumn to the ground. Pick the crystal up, and also bring it to the top of the stairs. and also plug it into the socket there. Have Atreus create a light bridge, then climb the platcreates to the appropriate of the crystal to reach the platdevelop above it. In the middle of the light bridge, face south and line up the 3 tentacle orbs and kill them via an axe throw. Go back down to the crystal, pick it up, and location it in the socket that was behind the tentacles on the southern wall. Aget have Atreus create a bridge. On the various other side of the wall north of the crystal, tright here will be a circular tunnel over head height that you have the right to rise Atreus right into. He’ll run right into the tunnel, throughout the bridge, and reach a sand also table above and to the left of the huge blue door, which he will certainly usage to activate it. Opening the door will certainly create a cinematic of the light elves streaming into the holy place.

Rerevolve to the Boat

Go down the bridge, and also revolve to the best to return to the elevator.

Use the Sand Bowl Lift

Take it dvery own into the trench, then follow the checkallude all the method ago to the elevator via the sand table. Attempting to usage it, will trigger a boss fight versus the Dark Elf King, Svartáljǫfurr! He has actually a variety of dangerous attacks, some which reason darkness reducing visibility significantly. He will certainly also fire bolts of power from his spear, which will hit the floor then develop up and also explode. Finally, he’ll likewise charge you and also attempt to impale you on his spear if you don’t roll out to the sides. Once he is dead, have actually Atreus usage the sand also table to activate the elevator.

Rerotate to Tyr’s Temple

At the optimal, gain ago in your canoe and also paddle ago to the holy place.

Realm Travel Back to Midgard

Activate Realm Travel and also go back to Midgard utilizing the triangle switch. Follow your waypoints, and…

Return to the Mountain

Simply follow the waypoints causing the mountain.

Go Back Thunstable the Tower

…and go via the tower, simply follow the waypoints…

Rerevolve to the Mountain

The previous objective to return to the mountain resumes, sindicate follow the waypoints.

Dispel the Black Breath

Now that you’re ago at the mountain through what you need, you deserve to ultimately use the Light of Alfheim to Dispel the Babsence Breath blocking the path.

This finishes The Light of Alfheim primary journey pursuit in God of War. Now the following quest Inside the Mountain starts.

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