121. Goods the are partially completed through a manufacturer are described as: A. merchandise inventoryB. work in process inventoryC. finished items inventoryD. materials inventory


122. A plant manager’s salary might be referred to as: A. either a direct cost or one indirect cost since managerial accounting is not minimal by GAAPB. a straight costC. an indirect costD. a duration cost


123. All that the complying with would most likely be thought about a direct material except: A. steelB. fabricC. glueD. lumber


124. Period costs include: A. current assets on the balance sheetB. current liabilities on the balance sheetC. operating costs that are displayed on the income statement when commodities are soldD. operating prices that are presented on the revenue statement in the duration in which they space incurred


125. A product price is: A. expensed in the period in which the is incurredB. shown with present liabilities on the balance sheetC. shown ~ above the income statement v the operating expensesD. expensed in the period the product is sold


126. Indirect labor and also indirect materials are share as: A. factory overhead and also product costsB. factory overhead and period costsC. operating prices and period costsD. operating costs and also product costs


127. An example of a duration cost is: A. advertising expenseB. indirect materialsC. depreciation on factory equipmentD. property counting on tree facilities


128. Direct labor and also direct products are divide as: A. product costs and expensed once the products are soldB. product costs and also expensed as soon as incurredC. period costs and expensed as soon as incurredD. period costs and expensed when the items are sold


129. Indirect costs incurred in a manufacturing atmosphere that can not be traced directly to a product are treated as: A. period costs and also expensed once incurredB. product costs and expensed when the products are soldC. product costs and expenses when incurredD. period costs and also expensed once the products are sold


130. Rent cost on a factory structure would be treated together a(n): A. period costB. product costC. direct costD. both A and also C room correct