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The brand-new York Giants (2-9) will take on the environment-friendly Bay Packers (8-3) at MetLife stadium on Sunday in a video game that could result in big Blue’s elimination from the playoffs.

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Expert have completely sided v the Packers — 10:0 — with most of those expecting a blowout.

How does the Giants wire staff watch this main 13 battle shaking out? Here’s a look in ~ our picks and also score predictions:

Dan Benton: Packers 31, Giants 13

In every conceivable aspect, the Packers have actually a substantial advantage over the Giants — other than residence field. Yet even that is questionable, as huge Blue country has all however given increase on the season.

*Above prediction was also printed in USA TODAY sports Weekly alongside a full game preview. Publish editions are available every Wednesday at newsstands everywhere.

John Fennelly: Packers 34, Giants 13

Don’t understand of anyone choose the Giants to do anything yet implode and also lose the remainder of the way, so why buck the trend? The only way to win the Packers is to run the ball and put pressure on Aaron Rodgers. Those space two things the Giants cannot execute at the moment, therefore this video game is walk to walk one way and it may not it is in pretty. If castle can get lit increase by the likes of Mitchell Trubisky, what perform you Rodgers is walking to carry out to them? eco-friendly Bay has actually running backs the can record the football out of the backfield and two happen rushers the Giants will certainly not have the ability to block. The Giants rarely win the time of possession and turnover battles, their kicker is in a slump, their coaching employee is reflecting the signs having actually one foot out the door. They additionally will be without Evan Engram, Jabrill Peppers and golden Tate. Don’t waste her money top top the Giants. It’s the holidays, offer it come charity instead.

Doug Rush: Packers 38, Giants 22

The Giants had actually every chance last mainly to leaving Chicago through a win, but found every possible way to shoot themselves in the foot and ended up through their seventh right loss.

Despite the loss, the Giants defense didn’t give up 30-plus points come Mitchell Trubisky and the Bears, yet this week, they most likely won’t it is in so fortunate when they beat the Packers.

Green Bay was utterly unpleasant on nationwide television against the san Francisco 49ers and also Aaron Rodgers will be looking to rebound and also get the Packers earlier on track, so what much better way because that them to do so against the Giants defense and also a an additional that can’t stop anyone.

With every one of the injuries the Giants have; golden Tate, Evan Engram, Jabrill Peppers and also others, plus playing against an angry Aaron Rodgers, this video game has the makings to being an pure slaughter and also a blowout.

Right now, these two teams room headed in different directions; the Packers space headed in the direction of the playoffs, and also the Giants are headed towards a height three pick in the 2020 NFL Draft.

Expect the Giants to have actually left this one through their eighth straight defeat.

Tyler Henry: Packers 37, Giants 17

This game may it is in closer 보다 my prediction but if that is, I have the right to see this being among those games where you speak “the scoreboard to be closer 보다 the game actually was.” The Packers acquired absolutely unpleasant on national television top top Monday Night Football last week. I likewise think the Giants’ offensive line is really going to battle with the packers pass rush. I can’t watch this one gift competitive by any type of stretch that the measure. This one may gain out that hand in a hurry.

Pat Ragazzo: Packers 35, Giants 17

The Giants head earlier home top top a seven-game losing streak to take it on the 8-3 green Bay Packers. The Packers are coming off an abysmal 29-point loss come the 49ers defense, who were able to bag Aaron Rodgers five times and also keep that uncomfortable all night in the pocket. If the giant can put continual pressure top top Rodgers they have actually a shot of continuing to be in the video game until the last 10 minutes, but despite this factor, the Packers will still pull far at some point and victory comfortably.

Kevin Hickey: Packers 28, Giants 17

Even at residence the Giants room no match for the Packers, who have actually a opportunity to take it the NFC North down the stretch. Though not technically eliminated, the Giants are already looking toward the future while hoping to construct their young talent through the remaining 5 games.

The offense has been up and down in current games. The turnover trouble for rookie quarterback Daniel Jones will continue the trend, however the Giants will ultimately get the frustrated Saquon Barkley earlier on track following a couple of rough outings. Jones will throw 2 touchdowns — one to Barkley, the various other to Darius Slayton — together he do the efforts to work without Evan Engram and gold Tate.

Defensively, the Giants merely won’t be able to stop the Packers offense. Davante Adams is in for a day against Janoris Jenkins, while Aaron Jones is responsible to uncover the finish zone multiple times. Until the Giants prove they deserve to simply compete with top-tiered groups in the NFL, lock will continue to be looked at as straightforward win.

Mike Moraitis: Packers 31, Giants 17

The Giants room running into an pure buzzsaw in mainly 13. Fresh off a blowout loss come the 49ers, the Packers are coming right into this video game angry and hungry to bounce ago and gain a win. This is not good news for a Giants team that has actually lost 7 straight.

The 2 Aaron’s, Jones and also Rodgers, room going to have actually a ar day picking apart this Giants defense. V Evan Engram out when again and Saquon Barkley no looking favor himself, Daniel Jones is walking to have an impossible task in maintaining up.

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Serena Burks: Packers 28, Giants 17

The Packers’ defense is too much for the Giants offense, and the Giants defense doesn’t have enough to save Aaron Jones or Aaron Rodgers. It will seem close at first, yet the Packers offense wears down the Giants defense and takes off in the second half. Meanwhile, the Packers defense keeps Daniel Jones turn off the ar with solid pressure, and also potentially creates some turnovers.