Seldom is it the our dreams play the end the means we imagine them in our minds. This is what Zoey learned when interning because that a streetwear fashion house on this week’s grown-ish.

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Thursday’s installment proved Zoey loving every minute of functioning for a fashion trailblazer called Esme. Back it was an unpaid internship, the now college an elderly felt choose she to be making connections and learning a lot. That is, till she learned the Esme had no qualms around stealing her ideas.

First, she borrowed Zoey’s monitorings about cultural appropriation and also claimed them as her very own in an virtual interview. Zoey flourished miffed the Esme didn’t credit transaction her, till her boyfriend Aaron reminded her the she formed those an extremely ideas by listening to him. Therefore Zoey let that slight slide.

Then Zoey experienced that Esme had actually ripped off her idea for a cropped letterman jacket. Zoey had actually even added the early of her an initial name to the jacket, which Esme was now telling human being stood because that Generation Z. Wow.

Blindsided, disappointed and also heartbroken, Zoey asked her friends Luca, Nomi and Ana what she must do about Esme stealing she jacket design, and the friend couldn’t agree. Nomi and Luca said Zoey should challenge Esme, and also Ana said Zoey must stay mum because she required the internship to graduate.

Zoey, who stated she felt prefer an underdog v high cheekbones, determined to talk to Esme about her difficult fingers. But when she obtained into her office and saw all the image of her boss v her white fashion counterparts, Zoey changed her mind and also decided to let it go. Sure, she would need to guard every one of her ideas very closely indigenous that allude on, she reasoned, but Esme essential her assistance more than her judgment, and that’s what she determined to give.

The only difficulty is Zoey didn’t phone call Luca around her new and improved Black Girl solidarity stance, and also old dude took to the interwebs to placed Esme on blast because that pilfering Zoey’s creation. Yikes. What is Zoey walk to do now, and also will Esme fire her?

Elsewhere in the episode title “A tranquility of Light,” Aaron shed his cool together a T.A. And got steeling to to teach night classes, and Jazz finally opened up to the school-appointed therapist about her track running anxieties.

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What did friend think of Luca’s actions? execute you think it to be his fight to fight? Drop your thoughts in the comments.