Just freshly finished volume 1 and also was planning on finishing 100% prior to moving on come volume 2. Kinda got burnt out with the flyer quest, blacklist pk'ers not showing up even once using berserker word, plus having to grind happy animals and also mechanical grunty, not to cite the ryu books.

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So I moved on to volume 2 and just acquired to the allude where I get my task extension and obtain the scythe. However there's this nagging in the ago of my mind around not finishing Vol 1. So ns ask friend all, have to I go ago and complete or is the stuff I'm lacking out on no really important?

Edit because that clarification: I understand I would have to restart Vol 2 I'd ns go earlier and end up Vol 1. Space the distinct items you acquire for doing 100% precious restarting Vol 2 for?


Kinda got scorched out with the flyer quest, blacklist pk'ers not arriving even when using berserker word, plus having actually to grind happy animals and also mechanical grunty, not to point out the ryu books.

All that stuff was included to provide you something to do in between releases. As soon as all 3 (now 4) volumes are on one disk you need to be a completionist to not want to just go on come volume 2 ~ finishing volume 1. Ns did the Abyss quest and moved on with my game.

Yeahh. In ~ this point, I'm just in for the story. Just finished vol 2 and also I'm planning to execute the Abyss quest and get Haseo, Atoli and a few others come 100 and move on.

Sorry for not being more clear. I know I would need to start Vol 2 over if I execute go back. I was just wondering if the distinctive items you get for finishing all of that ingredient is worth restarting Vol 2, considering where I'm right now at.

PKers, mechanical Grunty, and Lucky animals all give distinctive equipment girlfriend can't uncover elsewhere...

If you execute decide to do it I'd indicate Delta Elegant Aster's Berserker as it's a level 1 area through Grunty and Battle Area appropriate behind the starting point v a lucky animal to the appropriate of the (bit that a walk.)

Thanks because that that. Would you say it's precious restarting Vol 2 because that the distinct items you acquire for finishing?

You’re no too far into Vol. 2 if friend are simply at the job Extension, so if not having those distinct items, wallpapers, and also BGMs is going to bother you, then ns say go ahead.

Plus, if friend 100% Vol. 1 once, you won’t really ever before have to carry out it again as you deserve to just constantly transfer that 100% record into Vol. 2 instead.

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I'm near the finish of 3 (still stuck with cubia grrrr) and may simply restart to finish them all. Every time I moved on without getting all the wallpapers and also stuff, I've feel regret. I'd speak you're no too much into the second game to retrace her steps. If you're wondering, why not just go for it? far better to take the time than not and also regret it choose I am.


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