"Halloweentown" comes earlier to life for the month the October, as St. Helens, Oregon, celebrates "Spirit of Halloweentown," an yearly event inspired by the 1998 Disney Channel TV movie the filmed on place in the Oregon town way back when.

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The event, i m sorry lasts every though October, kicked off this previous Saturday, v the very first St. Helens Halloween Parade, which observed locals and also out-of-town visitors braving uncertain weather come watch as an assortment that witches, ghouls and also costumed "Star Wars" personalities paraded under Columbia Boulevard to the historic district, near the Columbia River.

But that was just the kickoff because that what has become a cheerfully spooky heritage in St. Helens. Despite the town has actually been celebrating "Halloweentown" because that years, the event became a society media sensation critical year, many thanks in component to Kimberly J. Brown, that played the 13-year-old heroine Marnie in the Disney Channel movie, coming to St. Helens for the event.

Brown post a YouTube video clip announcing she intention to "dust turn off the old broom" and paris to "Halloweentown," the is, St. Helens. Nostalgic fans of the "Halloween" collection of TV movie went online, and also thousands the "Halloweentown" tourists made the expedition to St. Helens.

This year's occasion looks come be even bigger, if the virtual buzz that's currently begun is any indication. A short article on the Cosmopolitan website has actually been mutual widely on Facebook, through fans proclaiming your wish to take trip to whereby "Halloweentown" to be filmed.

We'll have actually much more about the real-life town of St. Helens and how it came to put top top its yearly "Halloweentown" celebration later on this mainly on naipublishers.com and coming up in our A&E section. But for now, here are a few tips because that fans thinking about visiting St. Helens and also reveling in the "Spirit that Halloweentown."

1. Where's St. Helens? happy you asked. The city is around 25 miles outside of Portland, got to via U.S. Course 30.

2. Kimberly J. Brown (aka Marnie) will as soon as again visit St. Helens for "Spirit that Halloweentown" events. Brown will be in city on Oct. 8-9 for photo opportunities, the pumpkin bright ceremony in ~ the county Courthouse Plaza, a "Bloody Mary's and Bagels" brunch, and also more. Tickets forced for most events. Inspect details for Brown's appearances, and all "Spirit the Halloweentown" attractions, in ~ the discovercolumbiacounty.com website.

3. Nothing states Halloween favor "The Severed Head Tractor Ride," i m sorry offers, together the website says, "scenic tractor rides along statues of death on the waterfront." only $2 every person!

4. Goth Weekend: Well, that course. This happens Oct. 22, and includes "Introduction come Tarot" classes, and also the "I scream Social."

5. If the Goth Weekend it s okay you in a Tim Burton mood, allow it out at the "Nightmare before Christmas Sing-a-long."

This is just a sample. Watch this space for an ext details about St. Helens and also "Spirit that Halloweentown."

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