Now the I"ve spanned all the human beings which are brand-new to the Civ franchise in the Gathering Storm expansion, I"m going to cover the various other civs that my Patrons voted on. This guide will be because that Viking King Harald Hardrada the Norway. Norway was had in the vanilla release of Civilization VI, but the techniques for play as them (and all militaristic civs) readjusted considerably as result of the loyalty mechanics introduced in the an initial expansion, Rise & Fall. The leader, Harald Hardrada, likewise had his Thunderbolt that the North capacity enhanced by the Gathering Storm expansion.

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After the autumn of the Western roman inn Empire, migration the end of the former Roman territories bring about a development in population of the Scandinavian areas as the medieval Warm duration made the frigid northern lands an ext amenable to agriculture. As populaces grew, resources came to be scarce and piracy grew. The clans the Scandinavia started creating local or regional assemblies called "things", v the purpose of make laws, stable disputes, and directing the task of pirates come territories exterior of Scandinavia, ultimately leading to a seasonal, sea-faring raiding culture. In 793 A.D., norse raiders pillaged the English Catholic monastery in ~ Lindisfarne, and kick-started the "Age of Vikings". Viking seafarers emerged remarkably sea-worthy boats that enabled them to explore and also colonize parts of the English isles, Iceland, Greenland, the Mediterranean, and they room even believed to have founded a short-lived colony in modern-day Canada.

The death of Harald Sigurdsson in ~ the fight of Stamford bridge in England is regularly cited as noting the finish of the Viking Age. Harald accumulated good wealth during his youth as a oriental Varangian security (a group of elite soldiers recruited from north Europe to protect the Eastern roman inn Emperor). Upon return to Norway, Harald inherited the throne from his nephew Magnus, and also went top top to unite Norway and institute a singular coinage economic climate that enabled Norway to go into into global trade. That earned the nickname "Hardrada" ("the hard ruler") for his stern rule, and propensity for using violence to placed down inner opposition. He spent much of his life make the efforts (unsuccessfully) to overcome Denmark prior to finally transforming his attention to his fateful intrusion of England.

DISCLAIMER:Civilization VI is still a "living game". Tactics for the game (and for details leaders and also civs) may change as Firaxis applies balance patches, introduces new features, or broadens the video game through further DLC or expansion packs, or as the Civ community discovers new strategies or exploits. Together such, the adhering to strategy overview may change from time to time. I will try to keep it up-to-date, and will do notations whenever transforms are made. I"ll also post links in the official 2K forums and also CivFanatics, wherein I"ll additionally report any type of changes made. If feasible and practical, ns will try to maintain the initial content of the strategy because that posterity.

I welcome any kind of feedback or proposal that readers wish to offer. Feel free to post on the linked forums, or by posting a comment in ~ the bottom the the page.

This guide is up to day as that the relax of the Gathering Storm expansion"s "Red Death" (September 2019) (ver. is an wild ocean-faring civilization that gets strong bonuses for raiding and also pillaging. Your naval devices can go into ocean tiles previously in the game, allowing them to partially explore and settle other continents and also meet distant civilizations sooner in the game.


Harald Hardrada of Norway"s uniques in Civilization VI


Norwegian funding start bias: coast, forest.

Norwegian people unique: Knarr

"Units obtain the capability to go into Ocean tiles after ~ researches the Shipbuilding technology. Marine melee units heal in neutral territory. Systems ignore additional Movement price from embarking and also disembarking."

Norway it s okay a lot of bonuses to its navy and amphibious assaults. All systems (naval and also embarked floor units) can get in the ocean after Norway researches Shipbuilding. Shipbuilding is very early in the game, and also this will provide Norway a far-ranging advantage towards finding and also settling on any kind of isolated archipelago or landmasses before other civs can possibly acquire there. Norway will have the ability to claim isolated strategic or deluxe resources, accomplish isolated island city states, and develop a base of commitment and spiritual pressure that deserve to potentially be used against civilizations on nearby continents. The just leader who can possibly win Norway to these parts of the map is Kupe of Māori, that starts the game with the ability to get in oceans.

Norway additionally receives two potentially an effective naval army advantages. Unlike various other civs, the Norwegian naval units have the right to all heal in neutral territory, making castle much much more viable in long-distance exploratory and also military roles. They deserve to take part damage, relocate away and heal, climate return to battle without having to sail all the way ago to Norwegian (or friendly) territory. This is especially beneficial early in the game, as soon as Norway"s marine units can flee top top the ocean to heal or escape danger, and their opponents" naval units cannot monitor them. Friend can even park a Quadrireme top top an ocean tile and bombard any enemy Galleys the pass by with impunity.

Norwegian land units likewise have the ability to embark and also disembark without ending their turn. They deserve to make landfall, attack or pillage, climate flee back onto the sea quicker than their foe may have the ability to react or mobilize against them.

Harald Hardrada"s leader unique: Thunderbolt the the North

"Allows coastal raiding for all naval melee units, and also +50% manufacturing toward every naval melee units. Receive Science native pillaging and seaside raiding Mines in enhancement to Gold. Pillaging or seaside raiding Quarries, Pastures, Plantations, and also Camps provide culture in enhancement to Faith. Gain the Viking Longship distinct unit through Sailing."


Harald "Hardrada" Sigurdsson additional boosts the prowess of Norway"s naval systems by granting all melee naval units the ability to execute a seaside raid (usually relegated come the "raider"-class naval units such together Privateers and Submarines). This capability allows the marine unit come pillage an surrounding land tile or capture an surrounding civilian unit ~ above land. This, combined with the ability to cure in neutral territory, makes Viking Longships and also Caravels advantageous for hunting down seaside barbarians. You"ll either need land support or a naval ranged unit to bombard and kill the barbaric units top top land, yet once that is done, the Viking Longship or Caraval can clear the barbarian Outpost for gold and feasible era score. They can likewise capture any kind of Builders or inhabitants that the barbarians had actually captured.

Harald additionally gets a 50% rise to the manufacturing of all naval melee units. Merged with the Maritime Industries policy, a moderately-productive city can produce Viking Longships in just 2 or 3 turns.

Lastly, Harald gains extra yields from pillaging in general. Pillaging mines will provide gold and science. Pillaging quarries, pastures, plantations, and also camps grants culture and faith. Both soil units and also your coastal raid-equipped naval melee units deserve to take advantage of this ability. This will substantially boost Norway"s wartime economic climate by providing big lump sums of science, culture, faith, and also gold without having actually to damage districts and also spend the extra time repairing castle after the city is captured.

Unique building: Stave Church

Game Info: "A structure unique to Norway. Required to purchase Apostles and also Inquisitiors through Faith. Divine Site district gets an additional standard adjacency bonus indigenous Woods. +1 production to each seaside resource functioned by the city."


Requirements: Theology civic, have to be developed within a holy Site through a Shrine.

Replaces: Temple.

Cost: 120 Production.Maintenance Cost: 2 yellow per rotate (standard video game speed).

Effects: +4 Faith, +1 citizens slot, +1 Relic slot, +1 good Prophet point per turn, +1 manufacturing for every seaside resource operated by this city, holy Site gets an additional standard adjacency bonus native woods.

The Stave Church increases Norwegian urban that are near the ocean, by granting extra production to coastal resources (no fishing watercrafts necessary). This will carry out an prompt head begin to any kind of city that has coastal resources, since you won"t have to work floor tiles in order to get production.

Normally, the holy Site it s okay a boy adjacency bonus indigenous woods tiles, which grants 1 extra faith for every two woods. You don"t gain a half faith from having a solitary woods tile. Having actually a Stave Church, however, grants secondary standard adjacency to every woods tile, which sponsor +1 belief from each and also every adjacent woods tile. If you have actually an even variety of adjacent woods, the Stave Church will triple the adjacency bonus! This effect will stack with the Scripture policy, which will twin the bonus belief granted through the Stave Church.

For example, if your holy Site has 2 surrounding woods, the would normally have 1 confidence bonus. Even with Scripture, you"d just be acquiring 2 belief from this divine Site. V a Stave Church, however, the same divine Site will gain 3 faith, which will certainly go approximately 6 v Scripture.


Unique unit: Berserker

Game Info: "Norwegian unique Medieval era melee unit. 4 activity if this unit starts in opponent territory. +10 Combat Strength as soon as attacking, and also -5 Combat Strength once defending."


Requirements: armed forces Tactics technology, 20 IronReplaces: none.Obsoleted: gunpowder technology. Upgrades to: Musketman.

Cost: 160 production / 640 yellow .Maintenance Cost: 3 gold per turn .

Promotion Class: melee, Attack Type: melee, Melee Strength: 40,Movement Speed: 2.

Bonuses:+10 combat strength as soon as attacking, -5 combat strength as soon as defending, +10 combat stamin versus anti-cavalry units, costs 1 less movement allude to pillage, 4 motion if starting turn in enemy territory.

The Berskerker does no replace any kind of default unit. This means that it can not be upgraded into, and also all your Berserkers will have to be built from scratch. You have the right to use the Feudal Contract plan to boost the manufacturing of the Berserker.

The Berserker has combat stamin 4 points higher than the Swordsman. It is technically 1-point weaker than the Pikeman, but it has actually a +10 combat toughness modifier versus anti-cavalry units, for this reason a share Berserker is properly +9 toughness ahead of a Pikeman.

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The Berserker is intended for highly-aggressive play, together it receives a considerably bonus once attacking, and a moderate penalty when defending. It will certainly actually be 1 allude weaker 보다 a Swordsman, if the Swordsman attacks it first.