Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle(2004)
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Label:BulletproofLabel number:82923
Running time:61m05sShipping date:July 27th, 2004
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Album Tracklist
1.Chick Magnet - MxPx<3:14>
2.One Good Spliff - Ziggy Marley / The Melody Makers<3:56>
3.Yeah (Dream of Me) - All Too Much<3:58>
4.Righteous Dub - Long Beach Dub All Stars<2:56>
5.Shunk One - Kottonmouth Kings<3:34>
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Music from the movie not on this soundtrack CD
Also Sprach Zarathustra - David Kitay
Baby Baby - Amy Grant
Ballin" Boy - No Good (found on the CD "Video Game Day, PBB")
Click Click Pow - Lexicon(actual song name is "It"s the L")
Dance of the Warrior - Zion-i
Fall In Line - Phunk Junkeez
Faramethod - Dara Schindler
Gangsta Gangsta - J. O"Neal / D. Black
Girl From Ypsilanti - Daniel May
I Wanna Get Next off To You - Rose Royce
Let"s Get Retarded - Babsence Eyed Peas(this song is the cooler, unedited version of their poppy "Let"s Get it Started" radio hit.) (uncovered on the CD "Elephunk")
Looney - Moonshine Bandits
Mariachi Speier - Eric Speier
On the Ganges - Matt Hirt
Rock to the Rhythm - Lexicon(actual song name is "Rock") (uncovered on the CD "Youth Is Yours")
Rock Your Body 2004 - Stagga Lee
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Soundtrack Q & A
Q:I"m trying to find 2 songs from the movie that are not in the soundtrack. "Rock to the Rhythm" and also "Click Click Pow," both by Lexicon.(from amir/ottoin miami, FL U.S.A)
A:Actually, "Click Click Pow" is Lexicon"s song "The OfficaL" from their album "It"s the L." And "Rock to the Rhythm""s genuine name is just "Rock," and it"s from their album "Youth is Yours" (2002). (many thanks to Anthony,N. Chicback, IL (USA))include more info
Q:What"s the name of the song that plays in the start credits in this movie?(from Nickin India)
A:Track 14: "Ridin"" by 86 & Standard. Not just is it in the start credits, yet also the first song in the finish credits. (thanks to Anthony,N. Chicearlier, IL)include more info
Q:Who sings the song that Kumar was playing once he was trimming pubes? It goes "..if you want to acquire that booty let your mind go looney looney..." Thank you.(from kellyin uanderchild mo)
A:It"s called "Looney," vocals by Moonshine Bandits. (many thanks to Munchies,Hoboken)include even more info
A:In the UNITED STATE variation of the movie it"s "Let"s Get Retarded." Hmm. (thanks to Anthony,N. Chicearlier, IL)add more info
Q:What variation of the movie has actually the Moonshine Bandits" song "LOONEY"?...from JOHNNYin BURBANK, CA(answer JOHNNY"s question)
Q:What is the name of the song playing in the backround when Neal Patrick Harris is driving by them in the auto with the strippers? (from Texin Tucboy )
A:"Ballin" Boy" by No Good. (thanks to Anthony,N. Chicback, IL)include more info
Q:What was the name of the song they were singing after they took the skater guy"s truck and also were driving to White Castle? Kumar put a tape in and also was saying that they were posers???(from Ritain Detroit)
A:Which song are you asking for? The one they sing or the initially song once the tape"s pumelted in? A few songs play in the scene. (many thanks to samuel,middle of nowhere, north dakota)add more info
A:Wilchild Phillips" "Hold On" (many thanks to cheeba sheeba,halifax nova scotia canada)add more info
Q:What is the song playing once its Kenneth Park course of 2004 and also they are at the party and he goes "who wants some budda" when he is dancing on the desk?(from mikein NYC)
A:"Rock Your Body 2004" - Stagga Lee (thanks to samuel,middle of nowhere, north dakota)include more info
A:Rock Ya Body (Mic Check 1,2) Stagga Lee (many thanks to nbadundeserve to,Toronto Ontario Canada)include even more info
Q:This question is around music in the deleted scenes. What is the song referred to as that Rosenberg and also Goldstein groove to? Funny as heck as well I could include.(from Megsin New Jersey)
A:Made for the movie by composer David Kitay. I do not know the name because the song was never before released. (thanks to Anthony,Chicback, IL (USA))include even more info
Q:Wbelow have the right to I discover Kumar"s ringtone - the one that went off once he was having his intersee at the start of the movie?(from loaferin southern africa)
A:I do not think you have the right to uncover that ring tone almost everywhere. (many thanks to weed head,Atlanta)include more info
A:Well, I have actually gone to the trouble of cutting the sound out of the movie, clearing the voices out by cutting and pasting clean pieces of the ringtone together to create a totality clear ringtone. I wanted it so poor, I checked out all this trouble once I couldn"t find it all over. I also made a internet web page for it so the world have the right to downfill it. Please leave a comment also, as it would be much appreciated. (thanks to bb,australia)add more info
A:This is simply a guess, yet isn"t it the start of "Hits from the Bong" by Cypush Hill? If it isn"t, it"s pretty damn close. (many thanks to Alex,Kent, United Kingdom)include more info
A:If you listen closely it"s the sound of someone smoking cigarettes a bong. (thanks to casey,indiana)include even more info
Q:Who does the film variation of "Rock"? It"s the one that plays once you initially view them driving. Lexsymbol does the remix, and also it"s not actually the one in the film. The one in the film has various lyrics.(from tomin ontario, canada)
A:No. That"s it. It"s the regular version of "Rock" by Lexsymbol. They likewise perform the song "The Official" for this movie. (many thanks to Anthony,Chicearlier, IL (USA))add more info
Q:What is the song heard when Neal Patrick Harris steals their vehicle and drives amethod from the fuel station!?(from robelin germany)
A:"Gangsta Gangsta" by J. O"Neal and D. Babsence (many thanks to feelflows,Germany)include even more info
Q:What"s the name of the song that shows up in the beginning of the movie and also aget at the end of the movie? It states "...let"s gain this party started..."(from baby shackin new york)
A:"Let"s Get It Started" by the Babsence Eyed Peas. (thanks to Caz,Minnesta Lake,MN)add even more info
A:No. It"s "Ridin"" by 86 featuring Standard. (many thanks to Anthony,Chicback, IL (USA))add more info
Q:What is the name of the song playing as soon as Harold is driving house from job-related ideal at the start?(from Tomoin Adelaide)
A:"Rock" by Lexsymbol. (many thanks to Anthony,Chicago, IL (USA))add more info
Q:What"s the name of the song playing once Harold and also Kumar have actually just walked out the door of White Castle and also they"re acquiring into the car?(from Foxin NY)
A:"Rock" by Lexicon. (many thanks to Anthony,Chicago, IL)add more info
Q:What is the name of the song playing in the scene where Kumar is fantasizing about the astronomical bag of weed? I absolutely have to hear that song....(from Codyin Ashtabula, Ohio)
A:"Crazy on You" by Heart (many thanks to danny,chapel hill)add even more info
Q:What is the name of the song playing over Harold"s dream in the elevator via Maria?(from AtEh BaByin VanNuys,California,US)
A:"Cameltoe" by Fannyfill. (many thanks to Anthony,Chicearlier, IL)include more info
Q:What song plays as soon as Neil patrick Harris is in the auto with those two girls, and Harold and Kumar check out him?(from najerain denver,co usa)
A:"Ballin" Boys" by No Good (thanks to bldswttears,CA)add even more info
Q:What is the name of the song in the credits that goes favor "...sweety weedy you"re my sweety, my sweety weedy pie you make me happy so slap happy..."?(from Min California)
A:I don"t understand, but it"s created the movie and unreleased. (many thanks to Anthony,Chicago, IL (USA))include more info
Q:What"s the song Kumar and also Harold sing once they steal the skater"s truck? It"s a girls voice.(from andyin edinburgh)
A:"Hold On" (thanks to Anthony,Chicearlier, IL)add more info
A:"Hold On" by Wilson Phillips (many thanks to lachy,australia)add even more info
Q:What"s the song playing at the end?(from andrewizzyin jamaica)
A:When at the end? "I Wanna Get Next to You" or "Rock" or "Ridin""? Tbelow are a lot of songs in the last half of the film. (thanks to Anthony,Chicearlier, IL)include even more info
Q:What"s the song playing as soon as Harold enters the elevator for the first time, and the girl"s voice goes "uhum that"s ideal aha"?(from slaaneshbornin Auenheim, Alsace, France)
A:Track 9 on this CD. (thanks to Anthony,Chicago, IL)add more info
A:It"s "Cameltoe" performed by Fannyload (many thanks to Dee,England also, Rotherham)add more info
Q:What is the song playing in the skater"s truck when they pull up at the gas station? It sounds prefer a hefty steel or rock song.(from j-manin New Zealand)
A:Track 6. "Same Old Tune." (many thanks to Anthony,Chicago, IL)add even more info
Q:What is the song playing when they are eating the burgers at White Castle?(from vdubyain Chelsea, MI )
A:A remix of "2001: A Space Odyssey" done by the composer David Kitay. (thanks to Anthony,Chicearlier, IL)add more info
Q:After Harold and also Kumar steal that guy"s truck from the gas station, what"s the first song we hear when Kumar puts in the tape?(from Johnnyin LA)
A:Track 16. (thanks to anthony,Chicback, IL)add even more info
Q:What is the song playing as soon as they are driving and Harold says to listen to the presets, and also Kumar replies that his totality life is preset, he have to try somepoint new. So the song appropriate after their conversation?(from =KARI=in Czech Republic)
A:"Click Click Pow" by Lexicon (many thanks to JonnyLacks,Katy, Texas USA)include more info
A:Actually named "It"s the L." They provided it a various name in the credits for an unwell-known factor. (thanks to Anthony,Chicearlier, IL)add even more info
A:"Styles of Beyond" - The Official feat. Lexsymbol (many thanks to Prince,KAZAKHSTAN)add more info
Q:What"s the song playing in the trailer??(from rohiin india)
A:Hate to answer your question through a question, however which? They made 2 different trailers that have actually 4 or 5 songs each in them. (thanks to Anthony,Chicback, IL)include even more info
Q:Tbelow is a music video in the distinct feature section of the DVD. What is the name of the group? additionally, what is the name of the song?(from tomin seattle)
A:"Yeah (Dream of Me)" by All Too Much (many thanks to Anthony,Chicback, IL)add even more info
Q:What"s song playing once Harold is knocked out from the cheetah ride and also he saves Maria in his dream?(from Din Idaho)
A:It"s original (unreleased) music by James Kitay. (thanks to Anthony,Chicearlier, IL)include even more info
Q:What is the initially song playing as soon as Kumar puts in the tape in the stolen car?(from Nickin North Texas.)
A:The song is called "Hold On." (many thanks to rosycheeks,california)add more info
A:No, that"s not it. The FIRST SONG ON THE TAPE, they say they"re posers as soon as they hear it. (thanks to nick,north texas)add more info
A:It is "Total Eclipse of the Heart" by Nicki French. Track 16 on the soundtrack. (thanks to Kyle,Chicago)include more info
A:Nicki French???? "Total Eclipse of the Heart" is by Bonnie Tyler... (thanks to megan,Kansas)add even more info
Q:What is the song playing as soon as Harold and also Kumar walk out of the gas station? It"s playing while Neal is driving off leaving them standing tright here.(from sage p in chicearlier il)
A:The name of this song is called "Ballin Boy" by No Good. (many thanks to HOTDOG HEAVEN,london)include more info
Q:What"s the song playing as soon as Harold and also Kumar are leaving their apartment, and he says that he forgained his cellphone, whether he need to run earlier and acquire it? They stop and also look earlier for 5 seconds. It"s some kind of classic beat. This very same beat comes aacquire when Kumar is stuck in the pipe inside the police terminal, and asks Harold 2 release him out of jail....(from Hotdog Heavenin London)
A:They made it for the movie and it"s not easily accessible to the public. (many thanks to Anthony,Chicback, IL)include more info
A:Heart"s "Crazy on You" (many thanks to hiredgun,astate)include more info
Q:Whats the name of the song as soon as N.P.H. drives off at the petrol station? It"s not "No Good" by Ballin boy because it sounds nopoint like the one that plays at the petrol station.(from HOTDOG HEAVENin london)
A:"Gangsta Gangsta" by J. O"Neal. (thanks to Anthony,Chicback, IL)include even more info
Q:What"s the song in the unique attributes variation of Kumar with the bag of weed as a wife? The weird scatish song?(from Rod Toddersonin Canada)
A:It"s a song they created the movie in case they couldn"t clear "Crazy On You" by Heart. They haven"t made it publicly easily accessible. (many thanks to Anthony,Chicearlier, IL)include even more info
Q:Hi! What song is playing once Harold and also Kumar are around to walk into the convenience store and also the skater dudes come there? The song lyrics are "...very same old very same old exact same old very same old song..." Sort of sounds like Saliva or Limp Bizkit(from Afghanadianin Toronto, Canada)
A:"Same Ole Song" - Phunk Junkeez (many thanks to Anthony,Chicback, IL)add even more info
Q:What song is playing when Harold & Kumar check out Maria coming out from the movie theater?...from team usain usa(answer team usa"s question)
Q:What"s the song playing once Kumar is trying to score "chronic" at Princeton University and also first meets the company hippie?...from Jackin New York(answer Jack"s question)
Q:What"s the name of the song in the movie trailer as soon as Kumar falls from the vent in the police station? ...from Matt Moskalin Hamden CT USA (answer Matt Moskal"s question)
Q:What song is playing when Kumar is crying over his ex girlfriend while he is in the room with the prostitutes?...from Tammy92in miami(answer Tammy92"s question)
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