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Nick native London, united KingdomLeiber and also Stoller were certain they had actually a fight on your hands v Riot in cell block #9 and also its failure came as miscellaneous of a blow to them. They conveniently realised the Spark was too little an outfit to obtain them wherein they wanted to be, so when an offer concerned move to new York and work freelance because that Atlantic Records, the 2 writer/producers jumped at the chance. This brought about a trouble in the ranking of the Robins because half the team including Terrell Leonard wanted to stay where castle were. Leonard had the surname Robins registered together a trademark, so once Bobby Nunn and Carl Gardner moved out east, the rest of the band continued to be put keeping the name. Prior to the split, they recorded one last track together, Smokey Joe"s Café and sticking v the Mexico theme, Leiber and also Stoller came up through Down In Mexico for the first single by the brand-new band, the Coasters, so-named in bespeak to retain their connection with the West Coast. It to be a height ten R&B hit but the following release Searchin"/Young Blood to be a double-sided smash, i beg your pardon crashed into the pop charts in ~ #3 and cemented their ar in music history. Billboard February 1956: "Here"s a new and certainly swinging crew and also they delivera pair of very commendable sides. Down In Mexico is a fetching ditty i m sorry is very close to Smokey Joe"s Café."Nick Duckett more comments
Fortunate SonCreedence Clearwater renewal

It took man Fogerty simply 20 minutes to write "Fortunate Son" for Creedence Clearwater Revival"s Willy and The Poorboys album..

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GodTori Amos

In the track "God," Tori Amos makes the suggest that if there"s God, there must likewise be a Goddess because there room no male-only species.

Uptown FunkMark Ronson

"Uptown Funk" by mark Ronson was 2015"s best-selling solitary in both the U.S. And also U.K.

BootyliciousDestiny"s son

"Bootylicious" made the Oxford English dictionary three years after the Destiny"s child song was released. Definition: "Blend of loot buttocks and also delicious."

totally free Fallin"Tom small

"Free Fallin"" by Tom small is set in Los Angeles, as he mentions Reseda, Mulholland and Ventura Boulevard.

providing You The ideal That i GotAnita Baker

Before the game when that hit a famed shot to victory a playoff series against the Cleveland Cavaliers, Michael Jordan was listening come Anita Baker"s "Giving friend The best That i Got."

Yacht rock QuizFact or Fiction

Christopher Cross with Deep Purple? Kenny Loggins in Caddyshack? A fact or Fiction all about yacht rock and also those that made it.

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at an early stage Days of MTVFact or Fiction

If you deserve to recall the days as soon as MTV play videos, you know that over there are many stories come tell. View if you can spot the actual ones.

Randy NewmanSongwriting Legends In Their very own Words

Newman renders it look straightforward these days, yet in this 1974 interview, that reveals the paranoia and pressures that made him yearn because that his old 9-5 job.

Kip WingerSongwriter Interviews

The Winger frontman expose the Led Zeppelin song he cribbed because that "Seventeen," and also explains how his enthusiasm for orchestra music informs his songwriting.

80s Music Quiz 1Music Quiz

MTV, a famous TV template song and Madonna all present up in this "80s music quiz.

Which song are around Drugs?Fact or Fiction

"25 or 6 come 4" come "Semi-Charmed Life" - view if you deserve to spot the songs that are really around drugs.