When you establish you desire to invest the remainder of her life v someone, you desire the rest of your life to begin as quickly as possible.

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Clarion Couture go not sell refunds.We expropriate Exchanges in ~ 7 business calendar days indigenous the date you receive your order.Returns will be authorize as store credit or if you room needing an additional size/item, we will ship the end as quickly as we receive the changed item.Damages have to be reported in ~ 3 job of receiving goods or cannot be exchanged.Exact color of merchandise might vary as result of photography lenses, indoor / out lighting, and computer screen resolutions. Apparel patterns may additionally vary. These situations do not qualify together defects and also the buyer will pay return shipping if a return to our warehouse is attempted.Gift Cards, cosmetics, intimates, bras, camisoles, slips, tights, swimsuits and Final Sale/Clearance group items are final sale and also may not be reverted or exchanged. Items went back to us with makeup, deodorant, perfume or comparable product stains will certainly be shipped ago to you and also are subject to added shipping cost.


Standard Shipping within the continental United states is $5.00. We carry out offer complimentary shipping on orders that are over $75 within the continental united States.Standard shipping orders have the right to take 5-7 organization days to it is in shipped. All USPS orders placed by 12PM CST will ship the end the exact same day if it is a organization day(Monday-Friday). All orders placed after this time will certainly ship out the following company day.Clarion Couture is not responsible for:Delays v USPS shippingProducts that are shed or damaged in the mail. The us Postal organization will it is in responsible when we ship the packages.Products significant delivered by the write-up Office. Girlfriend will need to contact your local post Office to obtain information concerning your package. If over there is a trouble with her tracking number or package delivery, please call USPS prior to contacting us. Please call us after ~ the estimated shipment time has passed.If your tracking details confirms that the item has actually been yielded to her order address, however you have not obtained your order, please contact USPS. Us cannot be held accountable for packages wherein tracking details states the package has been ceded to her order address.Clarion Couture is not responsible if the package is not yielded in the guarantee shipping times. We will not refund extr shipping charges if USPS falls short to fulfill their guaranteed shipping times.WRONG resolve DISCLAIMER: the is the responsibility of the the person who lives to make sure that she/he beginning the shipping address correctly. Clarion Couture is no responsible if a parcel is shipped ago to us due to an not correct or undeliverable address. 
Please note the measurements detailed below room meant together a guideline.

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We lug a range of brands, for this reason sizing varies from piece to piece. Please view the item explanation for much more details ~ above the article fit.