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----------------------------------------Did you clock it? go you prefer it? =3

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I wanna watch, too.

Wow, when they have a personality or 2 that needs to extinct the difference, castle did fine (rabbit and the twins) since they have done those 2 voices before, and can listen the difference!! interesting that they usage the ide of trump cards. Lol
the twins cultivation up!They reflects every personality as an excellent and unique characters with something to worry... Even Blood, the character who pissed me in manga, is lover in anime, though. Maybe because the movie streamlined everything? and seems choose it"s a mess, however lol
at the finish after ending (the reveal of that stole the bottle/Alice"s heart to catch her there).Manga scans at the end!!OP: "Wonderful Wonder World" by Hisano (ヒサノ)ED: "Meikyuu no Mangekyou (迷宮の万華鏡)" through Quin Rose

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Somehow that was really strange... I know they wanted to make it every dream-like (and it yes, really was), however they could kept the storyline at last. I was really looking front to this together I both played the game and also read manga. It was really original and also nice, yet the story in manga was yes, really good, so i don"t gain why lock didn"t adapt it. It really had NO story in ~ all and everything was maybe /too/ random as they exit the whole ide of story.Animation was nice, however it was different from the trailer. It had really pretty smooth shading in trailer and in the movie that was really ordinary and also stereotypical. Nothing new.There was almost no Elliot. Blood and also Peter had actually too lot screentime imho (not to talk about Vivaldi), and it was all wasted ~ above the meaningless bishie pick-up lines.There to be waaay too much random running, flashbacks, staring at everything and also so on. Also, they make Ace look as well villain-ish there is no explaining anything (but yeah, i loved that anyway). There can be an ext Boris and Julius.But intersting is the they make me prefer Blood, even though he quite pissed me turn off in the game and manga. And the end was... Meh. Cliché together hell.No plot or story at all, no explanation that the world, no characters introduction, whatever was way too random and rushed, no ideal end. OST to be nice, but could it is in better. Artstyle and animation can be alot better. Loved the seiyuus though..... For this reason 6/10 because that me.In short: girlfriend won"t gain this movie at all if friend didn"t check out the manga/played the game, yet it isn"t that large waste that time to watch it anyway.Maybe if you desire to drool over random bishies fighting, bleeding and randomly to run in approximately random sceneries, this is her thing.