It’s really not that surprising the there to be going to be aftermath for Durant’s kidnapping plan.

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I assumption: v if you understand some history or Googled information about Durant, you’d recognize he renders it to the finish when the two railroads meet, however the flashforward ~ above Hell on wheel Season 5 episode 11 took away any kind of real suspense Durant would make it through the ordeal throughout the hour.

Instead, it to be his short-lived love interest, Maggie, the was shot and killed. I just wished ns cared an ext about this sidestory.


Much favor Martin’s fatality on Hell on wheel Season 5 episode 10, Maggie’s fatality just didn’t have an emotional impact. She was one more minor character the didn’t obtain a ton of screen time and seemed come be much more of a plot an equipment for Durant.

It’s sadder that her personality didn’t gain the time to yes, really be developed, though the hour definitely highlighted her good nature and also determination to aid out a man she cared for.

Too negative Durant didn’t yes, really listen and quit his scheming prefer she asked.

And even in the future, Durant couldn’t help but continue to focus on money and also schemes. It’s just who that was until his critical breath.

Though, at least Mickey felt choose something of a wildcard.

I wasn’t completely sure what he to be going to do, particularly when it concerned dealing with his cousin. And I liked his proposal come head out and leave the area, also though the never complied with through on it by the end.

It has been amazing seeing his rise in power and position since his arrival on Hell on wheel Season 1, yet remember when he killed his brother? and also remember when he stated all women were whores when trying to gain extra handsy through Eva, who had just been raped, on Hell on wheel Season 4 illustration 1?

Mickey plainly seemed come feel some guilt throughout the hour, even bringing up the fatality of his brother, but I’m tho surprised the Eva was willing to have actually sex with him. Walk she not remember what the tried to execute to her before?

I understand she was trying to lull Mickey, however it just felt favor an weird decision.

The results of the kidnapping type of left me scratching mine head.

Though ns was happy to check out John Campbell again. I chosen his antagonistic existence on Hell on wheels Season 4, and also it was funny to check out a previous character return. Ns wonder if this was a one-shot episode for him?

But wow to be the absence of Cullen sorely felt. He important does carry the show, and while he’s turn off at a various area than Durant, maintaining him the end of the episode was a vast negative.

I’m far much more invested in seeing Cullen’s story, and also not even weaving the throughout the episode made me great the kidnapping would wrap up quicker.

I’m also surprised the was lacking considering we’re close come the finish of the line for the show.

It’s well delving right into the various other characters, yet this story involving Durant and also the kidnapping simply wasn"t the exciting. I uncovered myself not caring about the occasions unfolding and further recognizing that Cullen is the true lynchpin that this show. Without him, it"s simply not the very same ride.

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What did you think of Maggie"s death? walk you miss out on Cullen throughout the episode? Sound off below, and also be certain to check out it all again once you watch Hell top top Wheels digital now.