Hell on wheels Season 5 illustration 2 Review: Mei Mei

I took pleasure in seeing an episode that put a heavy emphasis on the arduous job put prior to the main Pacific Railroad, all while giving a possibility to further check out the character of Fong and his partnership to Cullen, particularly in helping together his brand-new translator.

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Or, perhaps I should say her connection to Cullen.

The expose that Fong was in reality a girl called Mei was a huge one, and one i didn’t watch coming. I felt together wide-eyed as Cullen during the tent scene together he was trying to help with the injury and also learned the truth.

That an enig coming the end could really well average her death, yet I love that Cullen keeps she real identity a secret, even when acquiring her earlier to she father at the very end the the hour. The expose is for this reason much more than she being a girl, due to the fact that the hour really gets at she being hard-working, and hard-headed and also determined to do every little thing it takes. And also it sort of reminded me of Cullen.

I’m sure Chang will uncover out quickly enough and also that’s walk to reason even more problems in between him and also Cullen, but I have no doubt Cullen will certainly be approximately take the on.

What’s more, the exploration that Fong is really Mei enables that intro scene of Cullen flying under the mountainside with the snow and also then trying come rescue she to be watched in a different means the second time. Since the an initial time us don’t get the subtitles, just Cullen yelling the end orders, and we think it’s just a boy.

Yet the 2nd time we gain to find out what Mei is angrily shouting earlier at Cullen, around being a soldier, about not being just some girl. That made the repeat scene have a far greater impact, and also her cutting the rope was an even bigger moment. Together well.

I actually wondered if she was truly dead in a sacrifice because that Cullen. Thankfully, she endured the autumn (good thing there was snow). I can’t wait to see much more from she character and her more interactions v Cullen, since she did have some solid concepts in relocating that train top top the mountain and using the chains to tie it come the trees.

It was a beautiful shot succession of going with all the snow and moving all that equipment, which eventually led come a dangerous slide under the mountain. It’s difficult to think that something prefer that more than most likely took place throughout the building and construction of the railroad, and the illustration really caught the moment.

I likewise am really enjoying the new setting because that the series in the freezing cold and snow. The Swede and his Mormon crew definitely got to feeling the brunt the that during when Cullen sent them the end to shovel snow.

It was such a great stare down between Cullen and also the Swede in the office together the Swede was acquiring his new orders, the it just more reiterated what makes their confrontation so interesting to watch. It build that stress making you excited to see them yes, really go at in the future (and the time is absolutely coming after every these seasons).

Still, the Swede proceeds to discover ways to make a situation work come his advantage, also striking a deal to acquire boots for the men. It’ll just be a matter of time before he starts structure followers as the “true” prophet.

This to be a well-done episode v a pretty combo of action and drama, and I’m enjoying Cullen’s new journey in a brand-new land.

Let"s just hope that Mei can keep her mystery just a little bit longer.

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Were you surprised by Fong"s secret? What"s next for Cullen? Sound off below, and also catch the snow-filled illustration again as soon as you clock Hell on wheels online.