In one In The Studio report singer Austin Winkler told Blender magazine that this tune "is type of AC/DC, yet a little an ext melodic - one of those could-be-about-a-girl or could-be-about-a-car songs. If NASCAR doesn"t end up utilizing it, they"re stupid."
This features Mötley Crüe guitarist Mick Mars. Hinder defined in a statement: "Mick Mars was all for working with us, and also being substantial Mötley Crüe fans we jumped at the opportunity. Us took the track to him, and he killed it! he heard the final version and said, "It to be a beautiful thing." We checked out his house, and it was favor the Batcave – nothing however guitars and also amps. That is a vampire and also so are every one of us. It was an honor!"
HappyPharrell Williams

If you have a whole day come kill, girlfriend can check out the complete version the Pharrell Williams" "Happy" music clip, which was the world"s an initial ever 24-hour music video.

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hip To it is in SquareHuey Lewis & the News

Members that the san Francisco 49ers, consisting of Dwight Clark, Joe Montana and also Ronnie Lott, sang backup on "Hip to it is in Square" by Huey Lewis and also the News.

CruiseFlorida Georgia line

"Cruise" climbed native 6-5 top top the warm 100 in its 34th week. In doing for this reason it collection a record for the slowest ascent to the top 5 in the chart"s history, which was beaten by Imagine Dragon"s "Radioactive" 42-week clamber to #4 3 weeks later.

SiriusThe Alan Parsons project

The song supplied in introductions by the Chicago Bulls and also many other sports groups is "Sirius" through The Alan Parsons project, the opened track on the Eye In The sky album.

Midnight RiderThe Allman Brothers tape

A roadie for the Allman Brothers came up through the line "The road goes ~ above forever" for "Midnight Rider," and also got a songwriting credit for his contribution.

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It"s for this reason EasyBuddy Holly

It yes, really was so straightforward for Linda Ronstadt come score a hit through her girlfriend Holly cover of "It"s so Easy." She would sometimes readjust the lyric to: "It"s so straightforward to have a hit, all you have to do is recycle it."

Joe ElySongwriter Interviews

The renown Texas songwriter has been at it because that 40 years, through tales come tell around The Flatlanders and The Clash - that"s Joe"s Tex-Mex top top "Should I remain or should I Go?"

TV layout SongsFact or Fiction

Was a Beatles tune a TV theme? and also who came up through those fresh Prince and Sopranos songs?

famous Singers" very first FilmsSong writing

A look in ~ the an excellent (Diana Ross, Eminem), the bad (Madonna, Bob Dylan) and the strange (David Bowie, Michael Jackson) film debuts that superstar singers.

Dean Friedman - "Ariel"They"re playing My song

Dean"s saga started with "Ariel," a song about falling in love with a Jewish girl from brand-new Jersey.

Scott Gorham of slim Lizzy and also Black Star RidersSongwriter Interviews

Writing v Phil Lynott, Scott witnessed their ill-fated frontman relocate to a darker location in his life and also lyrics.

Jonathan Cain that JourneySongwriter Interviews

Cain talks about the divine inspirations for "Don"t stop Believin"" and also "Faithfully."