Watch Holly Holm vs. Bethe Correia full fight video highlights native the UFC hit Night 111 main occasion above, courtesy that ESPN.

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UFC struggle NIght 111: Holm vs. Correia took place June 10 in ~ the Singapore Indoor stadion in Kallang, Singapore. Former UFC champion Holly Holm (11-3) squared off versus Bethe Correia (10-3-1) in a bantamweight tilt in the night"s main event, which aired live ~ above UFC struggle Pass.

For more on Holm vs. Correia, examine out the play-by-play from MMA Fighting’s Jed Meshew.

Round 1: The referee for this main occasion bout is Marc Goddard. A lot of feints and also feeling the end to begin the bout. Holm is the one managing the center yet no fighter has actually even connected 90 seconds into the bout. An initial real punch is a side absent to the body from Holm two minutes in. Still no actual action. Correia and Holm both are looking to counter, leading to a cell phone staring contest. Holm soil a left head kick the is partially deflected. Correia soil a left hook in a quick exchange. The ring ends with Holm missing a head kick. Very little action and the crowd is restless. MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 Holm.

Round 2: More that the very same to start the second. Holm is content to stand on the outside and land the occasional side kick, Correia can not or do not want to step in and also throw combinations. A minute in and also a chorus the boos indigenous the group erupts but two minute in the cheer, seemingly make the efforts to will some life into this dull affair. Correia catches Holm briefly v a ideal hand as she came in but is unable to floor anything else. Marc Goddard stops the fighters and warns them because that timidity speak "I respect the game arrangement but we’ve gained to make something happen" and also everyone should welcome that. After ~ the action is resumed over there is an enhanced tempo. Holm is beginning to lead a bit an ext and lands a great leg kick. Correia punches her way into the clinch and gets a rear-waist lock up versus the fence yet the horn sounds to finish the round and also the pan boo. MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 Holm, 20-18 overall.

Round 3: Holm throws a heavy body absent early and also this is, in ~ the least, the most amazing start to a round in this fight. Bethe is beginning to dance and also attempts to goad Holm. Holm throw a head kick and also it lands flush! Correia drops and also makes some type of signal, possibly to Goddard to tap, and Holm adheres to up with a left hand at complete the fight. Goddard provides the save and also Holly Holm has actually knocked the end Bethe Correia! To it is in clear, Holm’s follow up shot remained in no method dirty. Correia’s activity was really unclear and could have actually been motioning the she to be okay.

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Official decision: Holly Holm knocks out Bethe Correia v a head absent at 1:09 that the 3rd round.