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1. Mean I define the following duty in Rcube x^3 }What is the an outcome of runningcube(3)in R after defining this function?An error is returned since ‘n’ is not mentioned in the speak to to ‘cube’The number 27 is returnedThe individuals is motivated to clues the worth of ‘n’.A warning is given with no worth returned.2. The following code will produce a warning in R.x 5) x Why?‘x’ is a vector of length 10 and ‘if’ have the right to only check a solitary logical statement.

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The syntax the this R expression is incorrect.The expression supplies curly braces.There space no facets in ‘x’ that are better than 5You cannot set ‘x’ to be 0 because ‘x’ is a vector and 0 is a scalar.3. Consider the adhering to functionf g y + z } z x + g(x) }If ns then run in Rz f(3)What value is returned?4716104. Take into consideration the adhering to expression:What is the worth of ‘y’ after examining this expression?x y NA } rather 10 510NA35. Take into consideration the adhering to R functionWhich prize in the above duty is a totally free variable?h z if(!is.null(y)) z else z g if(d == 3L) return(g) g g }fzdLg6. What is an environment in R?a arsenal of symbol/value pairsa special kind of functiona perform whose facets are every functionsan R package that only has data7. The R language offers what kind of scoping preeminence for resolving complimentary variables?dynamic scopingglobal scopinglexical scopingcompilation scoping8. Exactly how are complimentary variables in R features resolved?The worths of cost-free variables are tried to find in the atmosphere in i beg your pardon the function was definedThe values of complimentary variables are searched for in the global environmentThe values of cost-free variables are tried to find in the working directoryThe values of totally free variables are searched for in the atmosphere in which the function was called9. What is one of the consequences of the scoping rules used in R?Functions cannot be nestedAll objects must be save in memoryR objects cannot be larger than 100 MBAll objects can be save on the disk10. In R, what is the parent frame?It is the atmosphere in which a duty was calledIt is the environment in which a function was definedIt is always the global environmentIt is the package search list

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