Transfer applications Requirements

The transport application procedure is a selective, vain process. Georgia Tech uses a holistic review process to choose students who will advantage from the campus finding out environment and enrich the entire student body. Please evaluation the complying with application requirements:


An eligible carry applicant should be a high institution graduate prior to the applications available duration of their application term. Because that example, a student applying for fall term must be a high school graduate before January 15 to be eligible to use for transfer.

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International Students

If you room an international student right now studying in the U.S. Or abroad, please evaluation our transport application demands for global students.

Application Requirements

Transfer credit Hours

A move applicant is a degree-seeking college student who has completed a minimum that thirty (30) semester or forty-five (45) quarter credit hours. This has students who have earned college credit through twin enrollment or check (AP or IB).

Transfer credit transaction Requirements

Course demands by Major

Transfer applicants must finish the course demands for your intended significant by the course need deadline. Testimonial our Course requirements by major Chart to recognize the minimum course needs for your intended major. Students using as part of double Degree engineering or Regents engineering Pathway Programs have a separate and different course requirements chart.

Course needs Chart

Official Transcripts

An main transcript is required from all previous colleges or colleges (domestic and also international). Applicants that enrolled in a university or university exterior the U.S. Have to submit a foreign credit testimonial in enhancement to the official college transcript. Georgia tech is unable to waive or exclude front college credit or enrollment.

Transfer credit transaction Requirements

English Proficiency

Proof of English ability is forced of all deliver applicants. Students fulfill this requirement by providing an main transcript showing completion of 2 English Composition courses (totaling six semester credit transaction hours).

English composition courses should be identical to English 1101 and also English 1102 process at Georgia Tech. English language proficiency exam scores (TOEFL, IELTS) and also English taught abroad as a foreign language perform not fulfill the English ability requirement.

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Grade allude Average (GPA)

The minimum GPA need is 3.3 ~ above a 4.0 grade scale for college of Computing and also College of design applicants. The minimum GPA requirement is 3.0 top top a 4.0 grade range for university of Design, college of Sciences, Ivan Allen college of liberal Arts, and also Scheller college of company applicants.